It’ll Still Be There Tomorrow

Ernest Hemingway QuoteToday’s meditation was twelve minutes long and was a silent meditation with just my legs up the wall and breathing exercises.

Ernest Hemingway probably didn’t mean this quote in the way I took it this morning when I saw it.  But, what I saw here was “Work smarter, not harder.” It feels like this message was just for me this morning, and much like the COTD exercise below, a message that I need to remember to carry with me as I go about my day today.

Jasmine Dragon Tarot - Page of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Page of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy in the area of one’s finances, resources, health, labors, home life, and manifestations. This often translates into themes that have to do with work apprenticeships and learning a new ability or skill.

One of the skills that I need most to learn for my health and well-being is one of temperance and moderation.

I’ve been in debate with myself most of the morning on whether I should work on the shelves or work on the stuff online that I need to get done, and the answer is here in today’s card. This card is a reminder to take the time and don’t be impatient. Take care of the online stuff today, and the shelves will be there to return to after the next orders day and ship-out.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2022 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread 1

The Stone Tarot - Justice, Ace of Swords, Five of Pentacles, The UniverseSeeds Sown – What seeds planted in the Spring for my physical health & growth have flourished and grown strong?

Ace of Swords atop Justice – You have worked it becoming more aware of the repercussions that come with not caring properly for your body. That mindfulness and awareness allows you to be able to do more to fulfill your body’s needs without even realizing you’re doing so.

The Chaff – What seeds have not flourished and need to be let go to encourage healthy growth in other areas?

Five of Pentacles – In the spring you were still dealing with depression and an overwhelming sense of scarcity. Once you were able to make it past the lip of depression’s pit, you’ve been able to begin letting go of those feelings of scarcity that were plaguing you. This card is a reminder to continue letting go of these feelings and not reverse course.

The Harvest – How can I best prepare now to reap the benefits of a positive and healthy harvest in the Fall?

The Universe – Be open to transitions soon to come. Change isn’t always easy, and it sometimes stirs up uncertainty, but you’ve earned to move into something better and different. Don’t linger at the end of the journey, but let it end so you can move on.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt by E Roebuck-Jones
Questions for August 6th and 7th

Jasmine Dragon Tarot - Four of Cups, Two of Swords, Five of Pentacles, The DevilWhat is important right now?

Four of Cups and Two of Wands – You need to plan in time to make room for mindfulness and meditation. These things cannot benefit you if you don’t make a room for them in your life, and you will need one as you move forward into the fall and then winter, so get them started now.

How can I be more grateful?

Five of Pentacles Rx and The Devil – Pay closer attention to what you have and what is good in your life, rather than indulging in self-destructive behaviors spurred on by scarcity issues.


Daily Self Kindness

I quit working on the shelves when my back and hip started to protest, regardless of my desire to push it and keep going. (Yes, I did end up working on the shelves after all.)

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