No Neglect Allowed

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Tarot Balbi - The EmpressToday’s draw is the Empress card, which is traditionally a representation of the sacred feminine, fertility, abundance, nurturing strength, and mother earth.

Although the Empress is a regal figure, she is also a nurturer.  A caregiver.  And the energy that she brings to today needs to be as nurturing and caring towards yourself as what you would give to others.

Today’s card indicates that there is a need to treat yourself well today. Don’t ignore this need, and make the conscious decision to avoid self abuse or self neglect.


The #STCTarotChallenge Statements of Power Prompt
Questions for June 25th

L'Oracle de l'Intuition et l'ActionI will be more aware of…

… how important it is to speak up share my perspectives (Osez Parler) so that others can see beyond their own viewpoint to a more full picture of what’s going on (Un Regard Différent), and thus be able to make the best choices possible for themselves (La Bonne Décision).

So I can…

…see them flourish (Le Courage d’Oser) in the knowledge that they are not alone but have others behind them to help them when needed (Jamais Seule).


Mr Lionhart’s #TheJuneTarot Spark of Magic Prompt
Questions for June 25th thru 27th

Tarot BalbiWhat kind of shadow work can help me grow (as a person)?

Death – Coming to terms with negative feelings about change so that you can accept changes more easily with less discord and resistance.

How, or in what area, can this help me grow?

Nine of Coins – It will allow feelings of rightness and stability to grow strong, and you will be able to see your accomplishments more clearly, as well as better appreciate them.

What kind of light work can support (or heal) me?

Ace of Cups – Exploring your emotions and learning to live with them rather than burying them or ignoring them.

What first step am I guided to take today in this light work?

Wheel of Fortune atop Queen of Coins – Acknowledge that there is greater stability within yourself and your life than you give yourself credit for. Emotions may make it feel like the boat is rocking, even when it isn’t.

How am I guided to share my magic with others throughout this Solstice cycle?

Temperance – Now is not the time, focus on yourself for now.

How, or where, would Lilith like to see me {re}claim my personal power?

Seven of Pentacles – You need to remember and accept that just because things are moving slowly doesn’t mean that you have failed or are somehow lacking. Some things are meant to go slow, whether you want them to or not.


Daily Self Kindness

I spent a lot of time in play with Gideon today, and it was wonderful.

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