Tending To the Neglected

Today’s meditation was skipped.

78 Tarot Ecological - Six of EarthToday’s draw is the Six of Earth (Six of Pentacles) card, which is traditionally a representation of generosity, charity, sharing the wealth, and the give and take of assisting others including the perspective of accepting help gracefully.

The imagery in today’s card speaks to me of the fact that generosity comes in all shapes, sizes, and guises.  Not everything is about other people. Sometimes it’s about being generous with the earth, with nature, with yourself, etc.

Today’s card is an encouragement to look around and see what needs a bit of -your- generosity today?  What (not who, but what) have you been neglecting that could use a bit of your time, attention, and to be treated with a charitable and generous spirit?


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2022 Challenge Prompt
Topics for June 16th thru 18th

Ouisi Nature Game CardsAbout loss…

Top Row – Loss can often make us feel fractured and broken apart (Middle Card). We fear this, because we feel like in those moments we have no control (Right Card). But in truth, loss allows us to reconfigure our lives, sewing together the pieces into something new (Left Card).

About opportunity…

Center Row – You have to be able to look beyond the loss and grief it causes to find the good (Left Card), look opportunity straight in the eyes (Middle Card), and seize it (Right Card). Every change in our lives, whether welcome or not, is an opportunity. Wallowing in “what was” will restrict you from taking advantage of those opportunities.

About passion…

Bottom Row – Hiding in your shell (Left Card) because you don’t like the terrain or it feels too difficult to traverse (Middle Card) will block you from connecting with the things that will truly make life worth living (Right Card).

Notation – 210 cards in the deck, and I end up with not one but two spider cards in this spread. This speaks to irrational fears (fear of loss, in this case) and makes the reading connect on a more personal level for me personally.


The #STCTarotChallenge Statements of Power Prompt
Questions for June 17th

78 Tarot EcologicalI see progress here.

Five of Energy and Mother Earth – More motivation and more conviction returning to my life and energies, and thus more to give to those things that are important to me.


Two of Water and Five of Earth – I’m not ignoring my scarcity issues, but instead connecting with others and seeking their help to assist in dealing with these issues in a healthy way.


Daily Self Kindness

This post is a part of playing catch up and I don’t know what daily self-kindness I might have done on this day.

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