Play On… Rain Clouds Be Damned

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Real Rosie the Riveters of WWII TarotToday’s draw is the Nine of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of solitary satisfaction, a job well done, self-sufficiency, abundance, and success at work or in finance.

Here in this card’s imagery I see themes to do with self-sufficiency and pride in a job well done. There’s focus and control in the woman’s hands and gaze as she works, supporting a clear theme in these areas that carries over into my own life and the pride I take in my own work.

Yes. Hiccups happen.  I had a few of them this weekend, in fact.  All of which were detrimental to my business and out of my control.  And yet, today’s card is a reminder that even when hurdles and obstacles stand in your way, you need to make sure to acknowledge and appreciate how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned along the way. Your successes and accomplishments matter and shouldn’t be disregarded just because life decides cast some storm clouds your way.


#DiscordTarotholicsJun2022 Challenge Prompt
Topic for June 12th
: Do Spread #2
Question: Let’s pare down my focus to what really needs my attention at this time.

Audubon & Animal Bones Postcard Set and Abstract Art TarotStop worrying about all the piddly ass little things (too many scattered butterflies), and instead focus on who you want to become (Judgement / Social Justice and how the flames in this card correspond to the central one of butterflies through color in the anchor card). It’s time to seize control and get yourself back on track in this area (Emperor).

In the echo of shape and theme between the balloons in the Queen of Brushes and the anchor card there is indication that this doesn’t have to be a heavy process. There’s nothing studious or particularly hard about it, you just need to welcome back in that nonconformity within your soul (burning flag and spray painted anarchy sign), and let it flourish and stretch its wings (back to the copious amounts of butterflies in the anchor card).


The #STCTarotChallenge Statements of Power Prompt
Questions for June 12th

The Real Rosie the Riveters of WWII TarotI am grateful for…

The Magician and The Tower – …my ability to take the chaotically destructive moments in my life and turn them into learning experiences that then benefit me in some way in the future.

This ability to seek out and gather the boon from negative experiences helps me turn the negative experiences in my life around into something positive. It doesn’t destroy the negative, but gives a different aspect and a way to appreciate that the experience was necessary for me to become who I am and be where I am in life.

And this helps…

King of Pentacles and Nine of Cups – … me to not just stay on top of my responsibilities, but also assist others along the way, all while remaining contented and happy with my lot in life in general.


Daily Self Kindness

Ugh.  Well, I tried to advocate for myself with Etsy about something they did in my account while I was locked out.  It didn’t go to well, but at least I tried.  I think my self kindness, though, was in finally just letting it go after the customer service chat was over instead of continuing to stew over it.

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