Weathering the Storm Lenormand Reading

Mystery Secret Lenormand

What recent storms have I faced?

Man and Fish – An inability to adapt as fluidly as you would like. Issues with Etsy, struggles with depression… all of these sort of things are usually something that you are able to stand strong during and adapt to as they happen. During the past few months, though, there’s been a lot of rigidity and an inability to adapt, which has in turn caused a lot of unnecessary anxiety, among other things.

What have a learned about myself through these difficulties?

Crossroads and Rider – You need to be more decisive.  Don’t hesitate to make choices, even when feeling uncertain. It’s okay to have to course correct later, as by keeping moving you continue to adapt instead of allowing yourself and the energies around you to go stagnant.

How can I gain strength to face future challenges?

Heart and Snake – Don’t take everything to heart as a betrayal. Sometimes people fuck up and it’s not intentional or directed at you specifically. Make sure you are not falling into a victim mentality where every hurt and slight appears as if it is an attack… when in truth it’s not about you at all.


One thought on “Weathering the Storm Lenormand Reading

  1. I think you need to remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself credit ehere its due

    Depression is hard. Even with the boost in meds it is a constant battle that you have ro fight every day to keep from sinking to the bottom. Every day.

    Yet as difficult as it is, you fight. You struggle.

    Give yourself credit for the fight. For the strength you’ve shown. Be proud of yourself that you’re almost there on the other side and ready to emerge again into the light

    I’m proud of you. Its okay for you to be proud of you too

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