Morning Bonus Read – Libra Season

Retrospective Tarot - Libra Season Tarot Reading

What needs balancing?

Eight of Coins – You are spending too much time focusing on work. Even in your down time, this is where your mind lingers. You’re not in the busy season quite yet and you need to make sure that you don’t push yourself into it before it’s time.  Six weeks in that demanding physical and mental space is long enough.

How to align your energy?

Three of Wands – Movement. Get yourself outside your burrow and experience the world. You need the fresh air and the exercise, the movement and the time outside.  Get as much of that as you can, while you can.  Soon enough you won’t have time for it (or much of anything else) and you’ll be aching for it.

How to create a better work/life balance?

Knight of Cups – Spend more time pursuing the stuff you enjoy. It’s about having fun and finding the fun in the things you do. At one point you found joy in every aspect of your work, and it’s time to start seeking out that joy once more.

How to find balance and harmony in relationships?

Page of Swords atop Eight of Swords – Learn to identify more quickly when a relationship isn’t working for you and needs to be severed. Cut the cords before they become toxic.

How to find peace and balance in your own heart?

King of Swords and The Tower – Seize control of the chaotic moments of change in your life. Make them yours, and use them as tools to strategize towards something better.


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