Kindness Over Cruelty

Today’s meditation was just under twelve minutes long, and was the third installment of the Foundations III series on the Balance app. This meditation wend deeper into the details of a body scan meditation (Yoga Nidra), and focused on how each part of the body can hold influence over the others.

Symbolic Tarot of Wirth and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is La Madison Dieu (The Tower), which is traditionally a representation of the chaos and destruction of sudden, unexpected changes.

Something that really stood out to me in today’s card is that the destructive lightening in this imagery comes from the sun specifically. To me, this is an indication that all the good going on has unbalanced the scales, and thus balance needing to be restored, the joy is struck down in preference for destruction and change.

Combined with the Thera-Pets card for today, what I see here is about how you respond to these sudden chaotic changes.

Some people take change in stride. Some rail against it in anger or fear. Others become disheartened and take all of the onus and blame upon themselves, even when it isn’t theirs to claim. The message here is not to allow these moments to drag you down and create a pattern of self-abuse. Don’t let the crappy shit that happens in life make you feel like you’re less than or unworthy.  Shit happens. It happens to everyone.  Our task is to pick ourselves up, take care of ourselves and treat ourselves like we matter, and continue on.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 23rd thru 25th

The Pulp of TarotWhat are you ignoring that needs rooted out and dealt with?

Cavaler de Cupe – You need to work out what it is that’s holding you back from finding joy in the things that you do, and how to reignite that joy in your life. It will make the busy season to come that much more tolerable, and you’ll weather it much better with the support of pleasure in your craft.

StopThe World Rx – Stop purposely doing things that hold yourself back. The self-destructive tendencies getting in the way of your growth are only hindering you and need to be cut loose.

StartThe Star – Lean into positive thinking and the supportive energy of your spiritual path. Everything evolves together, supporting everything else in their own evolution. Instill positive energy into this process. What seeds you plant are what will grow… grow good things for yourself in your life.

ContinueFour of Cups – You’ve started picking back up on your meditation practice. Don’t be dissuaded or distracted. It’s important, especially as things start to pick up and stress increases in the months ahead.

As fall draws to a close next month, what needs to be let go of?

Nine of Cups – Chilling out and enjoying the bounty of what you have accomplished over the year thus far. You only have a limited time to enjoy this before you will have no time for anything at all but work and filling orders. Enjoy it while you can, for as fall draws to a close you will need to let go of this to make room for responsibilities to come.


Healer Josephine’s #MindfulImperfectionTarot Prompt
Questions for September 21st thru 25th

Symbolic Tarot of Wirth and Oracle Médiéval et MerveilleuxHow would it benefit me to further embrace my humanity?
Carnaval and La Maison Dieu

It would allow me to see more clearly beneath the masks that others wear, exposing what it is they are afraid to bare to the world. This in turn has the potential to radically change my perception and perspective of the world around me and those within it.

Where do I need more self-compassion?
Roi Père atop Fol, King of Wands atop Five of Coins

Instill a little more direction and purpose into your meandering moments in life. It’s through having a sense of purpose to focus on that you can come to grips with and overcome your scarcity issues.

The self compassion here in these cards is in alleviating some of the scarcity issues that plague me emotionally. They are not based in logic.

How can I release the fear of getting messy?
Déchéance, Two of Cups atop Le Diable

Accept that “messy”is a part of life. Instead of fearing it, invite it in and allow others to help you moderate its presence in your life.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a nap.  Which, considering it is an orders day, is huge.  But I really needed it.

One thought on “Kindness Over Cruelty

  1. No self destructive shit, no self harm, no beating up of my baby…No nasty negative inner narratives….Be kind to yourself, my love. It’s important..

    And the first step to that “finding joy in your craft” message you keep getting. You’re not going to find that joy if you are beating yourself up.

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