No Need To Rush Forward

Today’s meditation was supposed to be about twelve minutes long, but it got cut short a few minutes when the housekeeper showed up early.  Still, the portion of it that I did was nice, and did seem to help my anxiety a bit as well.

Terato Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Two of Fire (Wands), which is traditionally a representation of making future plans and plotting a direction forward, including all the decisions and work involved in plotting for progress.

I spend a lot of time focused on self care and self improvement. On becoming a better person, and healing old wounds.  These endeavors often feel like they need some type of planning and plotting of a course of action, regardless of the fact that my cards often remind me that they will happen at their own pace in their own time.

And that, right there, is the message in today’s cards.

Not everything needs to be planned out to the letter, nor is holding expectations on how long things should take or how far you should be able to go in a set amount of time help in these types of journeys.

It’s okay to savor where you are now and let the future take care of itself.  It’s okay to release expectations and let things develop at their own pace. As much as we want to heal and improve? We don’t have to push this endeavor. These things will work themselves out with only a bit of focus on your part… no detailed plans required.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 20th and 21st

Lauren Marx Art Card and Black Lilly TarotWhat do you need to focus on for self-care for this full moon?

Connecting with the central image, there is decay in the Wheel of Fortune, renewal in the Seven of Cups, and deception in the Five of Swords.

Make sure you are taking care of to pay close attention to those around you and what their motivations might be. Not everything is as innocent as it might it first appear.

Transitions are happening at a quicker rate now that you are closer to the end of the month. Make the choices that begin to move you forward into the new “world order” of the busy season ahead. Doing this in a healthy way will help balance out the sense of unpredictability that is eating at your confidence, and allow you to retain the growth you’ve accomplished this year as you move forward.

What lessons can Libra season (beginning on the 22nd) teach you this year?

Connecting with the central image, there is a raw unraveling within the Four of Cups Rx. The Ten of Cups and Strength cards are threaded through with potential, while the Six of Wands connects with rampant growth.

Libra season wants to teach you to not be so hard on yourself when it comes to the things you’re unable to accomplish. Instead, you need to keep your focus placed upon where you want to go and what’s going to make you happiest in the long run. Celebrate your accomplishments instead of punishing yourself for your failures.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt for the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for September 19th and 22nd

Terato TarotHow do I choose hope over fear?

Justice – Keep in mind that life is about balance. That means that “leveling out” is the key factor that drives most of life’s experiences. Everything balances out in the end, but you can help it to do so by staying positive instead of letting your pessimistic qualities take hold and become self fulfilling prophecy.

Can I put myself first?

Three of Earth – Not without help from others. This is something you are still learning to do, and others in your sphere are helping with the process.  You’re not at the point yet where you’re able to naturally move in that direction on your own.

Can I accept myself – even my faults?

Page of Air – Your brain works in a very logical manner. Accepting yourself (faults and all) is going to be a mental exercise, not an emotional one. It’s through logic and reason that you will be able to find the acceptance of those faults.  By picking them apart (instead of punishing yourself for them) you can understand that they are a natural part of who you are… and a natural part of being human.

Do I feel I deserve…

LoveSeven of Water – Sometimes. This is constantly in flux depending on what is going on with you at the time.

Compassion The Empress – Yes. Everyone deserves compassion, even you. This is something that you naturally offer to others, and expect without question in return from others.

EmpathyNine of Swords – No. in fact you expect to be judged harshly.


Daily Self Kindness

Today was an orders day, but I managed to lie down for an hour or so after the housekeeper left and take a little nap. It was very much needed.

One thought on “No Need To Rush Forward

  1. Whether you believe you deserve it or not, you have love.
    Not just sometimes, but every day. Every moment of every single day…you are loved beyond compare. You are held above all others in the eyes of just one person…and you are loved.
    Without conditions, without limits, without fail…you are loved.
    Deeply, madly, truly….I love you, man.
    And you DESERVE that love, you earn it every single day.
    Every moment that you make me feel that love in return
    Being loved by you in an incredible journey, my love.
    You make my world so much bigger, so much brighter and more fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be

    Thank you, for being exactly who you are

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