Indecision Isn’t a Sin

Today’s meditation was skipped because it was an orders day but also… it was a holy goddamned 146 orders to be processed and packaged. So yeah.  A lot. No time for anything much besides work.

CW Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Lovers card, which is traditionally a representation of love, unions, and the making of decisions that are right and healthy for you.

The imagery here in this card is very Marsielle inspired with the man who must choose between two women.  In the Marseille tarot, these women are often depicted as a love interest and a mother figure, in that age old tug of war that happens in familial relationships.

The thing is? There are a lot of times when making healthy choices isn’t so easy. There’s a lot of different influences out there, a lot of push and pull, and sometimes? A lot of indecision clouding our own judgement.  It’s not always easy to know what’s the healthiest option, and it can be hard not to punish ourselves for not knowing which choice is the right choice and being more decisive.

The cards today are a reminder to be kind to yourself, even if you think that you should be able to decide right away.  Even if you feel you should be hard on yourself about your indecision or struggles.   Don’t.  Be kind to yourself and be patient with yourself, and accept that doing the best you can is all that should be expected… and you’re already doing it.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheSeptemberTarot Rise and Fall Prompt
Questions for 16th thru 18th

Tarot Astrologique Oracle and Cursed Auguries TarotLooking back to my 2021 so far, what can I be proud of?

Balance and Knight of Wands – You’ve done really well at finding a balance between that all consuming passion to push forward and do more and create more, and your personal needs for self-care and growth.

Something I should give myself more credit for.

Verseau, The Hierophant atop Ace of Swords – You are doing really well at learning to communicate more openly with others and, as a result, connect with them more easily. This, in turn, has made the prospect of communicating with others less daunting and more enjoyable.

How can I build on my earlier achievements of this year?

Germeaux and Five of Cups – Don’t look at asking for help as a failure or something abhorrent. Connecting with others and allowing them to help you will then allow you to foster the growth that you have made thus far this year, and keep it healthy and strong during the overwhelming busy season ahead.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question
: What is humanity’s biggest accomplishment?

CW TarotReading Summary: Communication. Intellect. (Ace of Swords)

This then created the ability for humanity to develop the skills needed (Eight of Pentacles) to foster each other as well as support the greater good (The Empress), even when we don’t always agree on the methods (Seven of Swords).

Take Away: Community.  This boils down to creating a community and functioning society.

Yes, society has its flaws, but at the same time, it’s what supports humanity through the generations.  The communities and society that we have developed and built allows us to support and help each other, grow as individuals and as  a group, and gives us the ability to network and connect, expanding our horizons as a result.


Daily Self Kindness

I set up my phone to remind me to eat every three hours and made sure that I didn’t skip any of the alerts.

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