You’re Worth Fighting For

Today’s meditation was skipped because I had my days messed up.  I thought I had a shrink appointment today and I waited around for her to call only to realize it was tomorrow.  I would have structured my day completely different if I’d realized.

E D Jasbeck's Non-Binary Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Seven of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of standing up for one’s convictions and principles, protecting your values, and doing feel is right even against opposition to the contrary.

Sometimes being a fighter isn’t about our goals or a physical struggle. Sometimes it isn’t even about conflict at all, other than our own inner conflict. Because there are times when being a fighter is about standing strong with your own idea of what’s right and wrong, holding your principles, values, and mores sacred for your life instead of allowing them to be corrupted, warped, or torn apart by others.

When we come up against people that try to warp our values, it can sometimes create a huge struggle. Not giving in or compromising your values and principles can sometimes feel like a never ending battle, but these values are what guide who you are… and you are worth fighting for.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt for the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for September 13th thru 15th

Universal Folklore Oracle and Illuminated Playing CardsWhen do I trust myself?
Expansion, Seven of Clubs atop Eight of Clubs

You trust myself the most when you are in a time of growth, and your focus and passions are set upon exploring that growth and finding how it fits in with your own personal set of values and mores.  This allows you to expand your perspectives and awareness, even when what you’re learning about doesn’t fit in with your own personal path.

What can I do about the fear of being wrong?
Duality, Ace of Hearts atop Two of Hearts

Being wrong isn’t really a fear that you have, as you are self-aware enough to be able to let go of incorrect perceptions and absorb new ones easily. This allows you to see other people and their perceptions far more easily and say “I was wrong” without any real fear.

What is my favorite mantra?
Uncover, Eight of Hearts atop Four of Clubs Rx

When something isn’t working, it’s time to move on and try something else, and you will be guided to tread the path that’s right for you if you openly listen to your intuition.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
Topic: My struggle to look at the holiday rush in a healthier way.

Forest Fae Cards and E D Jasbeck's Non-Binary TarotThe ProblemThe Green Man and Eight of Pentacles – You are looking at it from the angle of the holiday rush being all work and no play. There is no aspect of joy or adventure because you are too focused on the grueling work involved.

The Lesson to LearnKeep Going and Five of Pentacles – Persistence can overcome perception with time. This lack-of-joy perspective creates a sense of scarcity, but if you keep trying to add joy and enjoyment into the experience, eventually you’ll be able to transform this perspective into something you’ll be more happy with.

Advice to Help You ThroughSpiny Sister and Ace of Pentacles – Look at everything you do and everything you make with fresh eyes and an appreciative gaze. Every one of your creations are gorgeous, and you need to work on not losing sight of that fact.


Daily Self Kindness

I made sure that I got back home and online with enough time to have some time with Gid today.  Even after the interruption of the graffiti on the outside of the building, I still feel like we got more time tonight than we have for most of the nights in this last time off.  It was nice and relaxing and… it felt really good.

One thought on “You’re Worth Fighting For

  1. You are most definitely worth fighting for, man

    And I really enjoyed getting a little time with you last night. And yeah, even with the interruption, it felt like we got more time tonight than we have most of this last week. I don’t know what the hell was going on but it felt like EVERYTHING was working together to keep us apart this week.

    I’m glad we finally got a little time together

    I’m so not looking forward to the rush. Not at all

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