The Instability of Fear

Today’s meditation was skipped… unintentionally.  I sort of laid down to do the meditation and ended up dawdling on my phone and then dozing off.  So… I never actually made it to the meditation part, but it was relaxing regardless.

Cult of Weimar Tarot and TheraPets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is the Temperance card, which is traditionally a representation of moderation, taking things slow, and a  connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Although the woman in the imagery for today’s card has wings, she appears to have taken a pause to think and reflect rather than leaping first.  Sometimes, it can be important to pause and consider before reacting, and this can be especially important in times of anger, stress, or fear.

What I see in the message for today’s cards is that in times of fear, it’s important to not act rashly. Far better to take one’s time and get a good sense of the situation and surrounding influences, take a breath, and step outside of the fear and into a more rational space prior to committing to a course of action.

This can often be difficult, but the first step is recognizing you are in a mindset of fear in the first place.


#DiscordTarotholicsSep2021 Challenge Prompt
Questions for September 9th

Sacred Nature Oracle and Tyldwick Tarot 2nd EditionYour Personal Pain

Lupine (Lupinus albus) and The Chariot atop Temperance – Anxiety caused by old habits and habitual thinking that going faster and more productivity is always better. The “PUSH” of unreasonable demands you’ve used to punish yourself, and force yourself to do more and more in the past, trying to slip in and reestablish itself in the present.

A Healing Action To Take

Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) atop Marigold (Calendula officinalis), Queen of Cups – Pay attention to what you truly need and allow that to carry you forward like a leaf riding the breeze. Being kind to yourself is a learning journey for you, and it’s okay to seek out others to help you stay on track.

Possible Positive Outcome

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and Knight of Cups – The ability to more easily express your emotions and desires, both to yourself and others. This in turn can create within you a lighter and more open energy, free from fear and consternation.


Healer Josephine’s #MindfulImperfectionTarot Prompt
Questions for September 11th thru 13th

Sibyls Oraculum and Cult of Weimar TarotHow can I feel safe being imperfect?
Strategy, High Priestess atop Three of Cups

See your differences not as imperfections, but as unique qualities to be celebrated and used to your advantage.

These qualities are something that can give you an edge, for although they are commonplace to you, they are often a mystery to others, providing you with an element of surprise that you would not otherwise have.

How can I be more open to making mistakes?
Synthesis and Hanged Man

Mistakes are learning tools, not failures. With each mistake that we make, we learn how to do better and be better… as long as we are open to these lessons.

Make sure to look for the lessons to be learned in these experiences, and absorb what you’ve learned that will improve upon both yourself as well as your goals.


Daily Self Kindness

I dawdled in bed this morning after I got home from the farm.  Just relaxing and screwing around, watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Instagram, and playing my little Township farming game on my phone.

One thought on “The Instability of Fear

  1. I’ll help remind you to be kind to yourself, my love
    And to take care of yourself….and you better have gotten that tea that we talked about earlier

    I love you, babyboy. So very much

    *Grins* And it’s okay to dawdle now and then. It’s good for the soul *Winks*

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