Morning Bonus Read – September

Lonely Dreamer Tarot 2nd Edition - September Tarot Reading

What is the energy surrounding you this September?

Gradual change (Death) while taking care to remain seated and keep your emotional growth as the focus (Nine of Cups).

Although the holiday rush is on its way, it’s not here yet and I need to remain focused on settling into the emotional growth that I’ve made this year for the month of September, processing how far I’ve come and where I’m at now before diving into preparation for the holiday rush.

Small changes can be made along the way this month, but I need to make sure I don’t dive right in too early as it could damage the progress that I’ve made in my emotional growth.

What needs letting go from the previous months?

Shadow –  I’ve done a great deal of shadow work this year. But, it’s time to put that away now that fall is approaching. September allows me some time of adjustment to the things that I’ve learned, so that I can move forward with purpose as the season moves closer and closer to the holiday rush to come.

If I don’t let it go, it will make things more difficult in the months ahead.

As the seasons change, how can you best apply your focus toward your goals?

King of Swords – Have a plan, and stay focused. I know what I want, and I know it’s going to be a rough journey. Just stay focused on those ambitions and goals, and it’ll be fine.

How can you best bring more abundance in to your life?

Seven of Wands – Make sure to stay strongly rooted and connected with my moral compass and what I know to be right and wrong. Make good choices and don’t let others lead me astray with their contrasting values and their own goals

I was given advice recently that went against not just what I know to be right for me, but also against what my guides have been advising me on for months.

For a moment, because it spoke to my old habits and tendencies, I actually entertained it in my mind. I’m not sure if this is because it came from an external source, or because it was a temptation of old unhealthy behavior that would be so easy to fall back into.

That advice, of course, was it discarded… As it should’ve been. But this is a good reminder to be careful of repeats in the months ahead.

What influence will provide positive change this month?

King of Wands – It’s mine.  My goals, my passions. My desire, drive, and ambitions. Take the reins and set the pace. Remember that, in life and especially in the business, I am the captain of the ship. Be sure to delegate where needed to keep things running smoothly.

Message from Spirits and Guides.

Page of Swords – Learning a new path and new methods to achieve your goals can often be confusing. It’s okay to feel like you’re fumbling around in the dark sometimes… everybody does once in a while.


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