Relationship Trauma (Daddy Issues)

Cursed Auguries Tarot and Roots & Wings Mini OracleWhat wounds need healing from this relationship?

Knight of Swords and Balance – His impulsively savage treatment and painful words have set you off balance, and now, that balance is something you constantly seek and work to improve upon.

What basic truth / trust has been damaged?

Two of Wands and Transformation – That you don’t need to plan every little thing out for things to turn out okay. It’s hard to trust that if you don’t have your thumb on every little piece of the plan that things will still go as they should and to your benefit.

What is this trauma is holding me back from experiencing?

Two of Swords and Moon – The ability to be decisive without struggling with uncertainty. That uncertainty lies deep within and whispers.  You pretend it’s not there, and no one ever sees it… but it’s there beneath the surface and shows itself in how exact and precise you are in executing the decisions you’ve made.

Why it’s important to heal this trauma?

Page of Pentacles, Intuition atop Potential – it will help unleash your potential to grow into something better and greater than you are now, freeing your intuition in the process do that it will become easier to follow.

What are the first steps in healing this trauma?

Five of Pentacles, Vulnerability atop Perseverance – Remember that your feelings of scarcity are an echo of your past and not the reality of this moment. Those feelings compounded with your fears create a sense of vulnerability that makes it feel more reality based than it actually is.

How can you be more open to the healing of this trauma?

Page of Cups and Hope – Stay in touch with your emotions and positive in your outlook. Don’t shut your emotions down just because they are uncomfortable or unpleasant to deal with.

Advice from the spirits and guides.

Three of Cups and Sun – Chin up! Stay positive and look to others to help lift you up and keep you aloft emotionally.


One thought on “Relationship Trauma (Daddy Issues)

  1. You’ve come a long way, baby. You really have…

    I know you still have some things to work through where both of your parents are concerned, but you’ve come such a long way in the time that I have known you in trying to…recover from those wounds and heal yourself stronger for it.

    You are amazing, my love

    Liked by 1 person

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