Living Without a Goal

IMG_4361Today’s meditation was skipped, or at least I think that it was. I am playing catch-up and I’m pretty sure I didn’t meditate on the 3rd.  In fact, almost positive.

Transient Light Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is The Nurturer (Empress) card, which is traditionally a culmination of all the Queens of the tarot into a nurturing, earth based energy representing the sacred feminine, creative spark, and mother earth.

The clam with its pearl is the representation of the Empress in this instance, and I really connect with this representation.  The clam cradles a grain of sand, and over time under the pressure and protection of the clam, a pearl is formed from the calcium given to that piece of sand and built upon it in a form of shell.

The nurturing energy in the Empress is the focus of today’s message, and when combined with the Thera-Pets card, what we see here is encouragement. Encouragement that it’s okay to not know what the hell you’re doing every step of your journey through life. It’s okay to just be going through the motions, waiting for inspiration or purpose that doesn’t come.   Sometimes?  Just living in the moment is more than enough, and you don’t have to be on top of things 100% of the time.


The #ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge Prompt for the Sacred Grounds Tarot Club
Questions for September 1st thru 5th

Interim Tarot Beyond BordersWhat helps me stay positive?

Eight of Swords atop Queen of Cups – Turning a blind eye to negative crap when able. Sometimes in doing this, you can turn a negative into a boon, as being distant from the issue allows for a less biased view and a more more perspective.

How can I appreciate all my talents?

Strength – You can better appreciate all of your talents by staying in touch with what works for you, and by working on  better understanding the influence you have on others.

What do I need in order to create success?

Three of Wands – Motivation. Sometimes enthusiasm lags, and that’s normal, but you’ll need to rekindle your enthusiasm and motivation to create success.

How can I shine in the world?

Four of Discs – Lean into your strengths allows you to shine more brightly in the world. Instead of stressing on all of the things you aren’t good at, focus on where you excel. You have a grounded and steady strength to share.

How do I inspire others?

Knight of Swords – You show others what it looks like to focus on your goals and go after them. To some, this makes you appear impulsive, but to others, they see success through determination and action.


Healer Josephine’s #MindfulImperfectionTarot Prompt
Questions for September 1st thru 3rd

Forest Fae Messages Oracle and Transient Light TarotHow did I first develop perfectionist tendencies?
Walk On the Wind and Five of Wands Rx

I first developed perfectionist tendencies through the inability to do anything right in the eyes of others, and constant influx between aggression and neglect that came as a repercussion of those failures.

How has my perfectionism kept me safe?
Green Witch and The Wheel

There is a sense of grounding and solidity that comes with things being done just right and just so. It creates a sense of stability in the uncertainty of an ever changing world.


Daily Self Kindness

Today was a driving day and I made sure to use a timer on my phone to make sure I ate every three hours instead of trying to push it to longer so I could save time and get more miles in.

One thought on “Living Without a Goal

  1. You already shine, baby. So bright.
    it’s one of the first things I noticed about you

    And my responses are really short, I know and I’m sorry but my shoulder is KILLING me today.

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