Morning Bonus Read – Monthly Key Spread

Monthly Key Spread - Tempus Fugit Lenormand

Key to Your Heart: What will Guide you to make decisions that are aligned with your heart and your truths this month?

The Whip and The Book – Make sure you are focusing on getting things in order and not screwing off or fucking around this month.  Although the work side of things is not yet upon you, it’s time to start getting your ducks in a row when it comes to making a plan, detailing out what needs to be done, and gearing up for the mindset needed to dive into holiday prep.

[Side Note: Whenever I see the whip and the book together, it makes me think of those teacher nuns with the rulers and the knuckle slaps? No, this is not something I’ve personally experienced, but it very much is what comes to mind when these two cards come together.|

Anchor: What will ground you in the face of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and existential dread in general?

Feminine Energy – Look to the women in your life for support when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. L is still around and willing to help in any way she can, but you have to actually be willing to reach out and ask for that help.

Star Wand: What accelerates your magic, creativity, and manifestation powers?

The Letter – You need to make that list that you wrote about the other day. Fill it with your accomplishments, with what you’ve done to improve yourself and your life this year, what you’ve overcome, and the good decisions you have made.

Blessings from the Stars: The Universe has got your back – how will you be supported this month?

The Clover – Luck is on your side.  It might come as a “flash in the pan”, but good fortune will be there for you when you need it most.

One Trick Up Your Sleeve: A life saving idea or inspiration for any unexpected challenge or difficult moments?

The Fox – You were blessed with a quick and clever mind.  Use it. Pay attention to what’s going on around you, keep in mind the motives of others, and use your cunning mind to stay engaged… and you’ll be fine.

Emergence Pt 1: What is emerging within you / within your reality right now?

The Ring – Commitments and responsibilities are starting to rise up. Make sure you’re not taking on more than you can handle or end up painting yourself into a corner.

Emergence Pt 2: What are you expanding towards?

The Dog – A blast from the past is coming.  This isn’t someone with negative motives or motivations, but rather someone you knew and was a friend returning…. or rather, you are returning to their lives rather than the other way around (although it might feel as if they are coming into your life).


One thought on “Morning Bonus Read – Monthly Key Spread

  1. You probably knew when you wrote this, that I was going to zero in on that “blast from the past” and even after the assurance this is not a malicious creature, I’m still very much rising up, bulking and protective…

    When you figure out who this is, I want to know, hm?
    Fucking mine

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