The Joy of Floating

Today’s meditation was skipped because… I didn’t do it.  Honestly?  I don’t know. I just didn’t do it.

Chakra Healing Tarot and Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal CardsToday’s draw is a the Fool, which is traditionally a representation of new beginnings, enthusiasm, naivety, and innocence.

When I think of the Fool, I often think of someone beginning on an adventure with their head in the clouds.  Dreaming of all the good things that might be ahead for them along the way, and ignorant of all the dangers.

This is where the Thera-Pets card comes in to combine with the Fool’s message today. Like hikers in the woods, sometimes ignorance really is bliss.  There are those that  hike and see only beauty. Dappled sunlight through leaves and the scents of earth and vegetation fills the air. They eagerly see birds and squirrels, raccoons and maybe even deer.  Others enter the woods and see only danger and irritants. Mosquitoes buzz with flies, and they believe there’s a protective mama bear or hungry wolf around every bend in the trail.

Who do you think enjoys the woods more?  Who takes more pleasure in the experience and the journey?

Of course, realistically?  You have to at least be aware that there is a possibility of danger. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it rule your life or steal away your pleasure.  Sometimes it’s okay to float along and enjoy instead of overthinking everything.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2021 Challenge Prompt
:  Grab a spread that you’ve been curious about and give it a go!

Journey Into the Heart Oracle and Impressionists TarotWhat unmet need do I have?
Strength, Four of Wands, Ace of Pentacles

To take greater joy and pleasure in my home. I’m not really happy with the state of disarray and disorganization going on at home right now, and it lessens my comfort and enjoyment of my home as a result. A new method of organization is needed.

What stops me from doing something about this need?
Bravery and Nine of Pentacles

Complacency and the discomfort that in order to get things organized, a great deal more chaos must be created during the transition process. That extra chaos has felt overwhelming to me, and thus I’ve struggled to get up the courage to even start the process.

What happens if I do deal with this need?
True Voice and Seven of Wands

As a result of dealing with this need for new organization and getting the adjustments and reorganizing done, my home’s energy will feel more aligned with me and my needs, as well as in tune with my true nature.

I know the boon of getting this done, but I also know it’s going to take a lot of time and energy… and that means that it will have to wait until at least the beginning of next year, or it will clash with the holiday rush.


CoffeexTarot’s Who’s Your Spirit Guides? Prompt
Questions for August 30th and 31st

Chakra Healing TarotWhat has influenced my spiritual path?

The past and present combined. You seek out the new that may resonate with you (Ace of Swords)… while the past continues to ground (Six of Chalices) you in the foundations of your faith.

I was raised Wiccan and the foundation of my practice still holds to many of the practices, methods, and techniques of that faith even though I moved on into a more eclectic pagan path. The cards here indicate (and are correct) that what resonates with me will outweigh the past, but that the foundation I was raised on remains as well.

A healing message you want me to receive.

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed (Ten of Wands) with how far you still have to go in your emotional growth (Ace of Chalices).

You are still at the beginning and that’s okay. Take your time and focus on what is right before you instead of the next steps.


Daily Self Kindness

I had L help me in getting out all the decks for September instead of doing it all by myself.

One thought on “The Joy of Floating

  1. Somehow this one slipped by me without me realizing. So I’m catching up on a lot more than I realized when I came in here today. Oops. Sorry, love.

    And I think when you are in the woods? It’s definitely okay to just be and enjoy it. Just be aware of the dangers while doing so. Even now, after nothing came of the creepy note on the door about the curtains…please keep yourself safe. Be aware and get outside

    This weekend, at some point this weekend, or in the week ahead as it’s your time off, I want you to spend a little time outside in the woods. You need a recharge and it’s time to take it. Even if just for a couple of hours.

    I love you, beautiful boy

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