Depression Lies

Today’s meditation was skipped.  Although I had intended to do it, things just got away from me and it didn’t end up getting done.

Wild Spirit Tarot and Thera-Pets Animal Support Affirmation CardsToday’s draw is the King of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s emotions, relationships, creativity, and intuition.  This often translates into authority figures that have an understanding and supportive nature that inspire you to stand strong, that give advice on emotional topics such as relationships when needed, and have a grounded, supportive air about them as well as a compassionate nature.

In my case personally, the King of Cups can often represent my partner Gideon. He has always been a very “King of Cups” type of person, very personable with others, a dominant personality that is both supportive and filled with strength.

Yesterday, I switched over from the How to Be a Wildflower Deck to the Thera-Pets Emotional Support Animal Cards due to an awareness that I am struggling with the onset of depression. The Thera-Pets cards are geared specifically towards depression and anxiety, and will hopefully help keep me from sliding down that slippery slope into a full blown depressive episode.

As the Thera-Pets card says, depression lies. The advice between the two cards today is to make sure that you are checking in with those that you deeply trust for reality checks during times of low mood and dips into depression. Reach out to those that are supportive and offer strength for you emotionally.  You need this support right now to help in keeping you from believing depression’s lies, and sinking deeper as a result.


Mr Lionharts’ #TheAugustTarot #SOLTarot Prompt
Questions for August 21st

Colour Goddess Casting Cards and Mystic Faerie TarotWhat am I asked to nurture in support of what I love?
Ivory and Ten of Wands

A huge part of the trick of not overwhelming yourself is making sure that you look at things prior to doing them, and prepare yourself so that you can act with a measured gait and poise rather than saying “I can do it”, and knowing from the start that you will have to scramble just to get it done.

What am I asked to work on in support of what I love?
Magenta and Queen of Wands

Diversify when it comes to your business. You’re still getting the warning not to put everything in one basket when it comes to your passionate pursuits. Clearly PayPal was not what this message has been warning you about since it’s still coming through even after shit hit the fan with them.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2021 Challenge Prompt
: What do I need to focus on for self care this Full Moon?

Wild Spirit TarotReading Summary: Use reflection on your past (Six of Cups and Judgement), and your newfound understanding of the separation between past and present (Queen of Cups and Six of Cups), to help you heal from past wounds (Six of Cups). Lean on others to allow you this time to process and heal, and for their support along the way (Three of Cups).

Take Away: For a very long time, the past dictated my actions and how I treated myself. As I have begun to understand this relationship with my past, I’ve begun being able to confront those unhealthy habits and destructive treatment of myself and deal with them in a more objective way.  These cards are an encouragement to keep up this new perspective and not let it slip away.


Daily Self Kindness

Again, I took a nap today.  I also spend some time outside on the balcony working on transitioning to end-of-summer.

One thought on “Depression Lies

  1. No disappearing, my love. No hiding…I’m here for you, baby. I’m right here for you, every step of the way
    I will be whatever you need, whenever you need it, but I do need some input along the way. I need you to be here and communicate with me…open up and let me in. Tell me all the little things that you usually hide away because they aren’t things you were taught to share….

    Share with me, let me hold your burdens, my love. Let me help you through this time with the dark slope of that depression well threatening…hold my hand, baby, let me hold you up…let me anchor you here in the light.

    I love you, angel mine. Always
    I’m here for you
    Right here. No matter what.

    Naps are good, as are those new habits of being kinder to yourself, not listening so carefully to those whispers of the past.

    And in this, especially, don’t listen to those whispers that tell you depression is something you should suffer alone…reach for me baby. Let me help you through it. Whatever it takes, whatever you need…

    I love you

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