Year Ahead Spread 2021 – January thru March

This spread is a predictive spread that is very commonly used as a bit of a preview of the year ahead. The question asked for each of these positions is…
Tarot Card: The theme of the month in question,
Oracle Card: What to focus on for the month in question, and
Affirmation Card: A ray of hope to hold onto for the month in question.

Year Ahead Spread for Divination

This reading is simply a brief exploration of the current trajectory of my path and energy for the year ahead. Like all predictive readings, nothing here is written in stone, it’s more of a look ahead just to have an idea of what to anticipate and what to work at avoiding.

As an experiment, I have decided to do my year ahead reading a little differently this year, and will only be pulling cards for the first six months of the year in today’s reading, and will interpret the first three months today then the next three months at the beginning of April.  I will then revisit the spread at the end of June to do the following six months. I feel that this might help in ensuring a more accurate reading for the second half of the year.

Six Month Ahead Spread for Divination - Part 1 - January through June

2021’s ThemeJustice – This card is calculated through mathematics, and is not drawn randomly.  My card for 2021 is the Justice card, with the theme of having to acknowledge that what you put out into the world and what you do in your life reflects back to you in turn.  Good begets good, bad begets bad.  Following that inner moral compass will be especially important this year and possible a bit of a challenge.

Six Month Ahead Spread - Brady Tarot, Tree Whisper Oracle, Magickal Herb OracleJanuary’s Theme – The Devil – Temptation and finding your balance within your addictions and bad habits is going to be the theme of January.  There’s a lot of bad habits and other addictions that got a bit out of control toward the end of the year last year, and now is the time to address and correct those issues before they take root.

January’s Focus / Advice – Guidance – You’re not in this alone. Make sure that when you need help or added perspective, that you reach out to others to provide you with those things.  You have a variety of wise people around you that can help you when you’re struggling to understand, or need a little help with finding your footing or the right direction to go in.

January’s Ray of Hope – Dill (Enthusiasm) – Combat the negative not with just optimism, but also with enthusiasm.  It can be hard, when feeling overwhelmed, to stir up that eagerness to get different things done, but you have the power within you to set yourself on the right track if you train your focus and your interest into the project and allow it to sweep you up into the process.

February’s Theme Five of Arrows (Swords) – Your issues with scarcity and feelings of failure are going to be a bit of an issue for you this month. Keep in mind that this is temporary and something you can walk away from and heal from… but in the moment it’ll feel pretty bad.  Although the theme of this month is defeat, being forewarned is to be armed and there are things you can do to ease up these influences in your life this month.

February’s Focus / Advice Integration – Coming together with others can help in finding the support you need during this time.  Although the issue is different from what came up in January, the advice here is very similar in that you need to be open to not just reaching out to others, but connecting and working together to find mutual support.  A burden shared is a burden halved, as the saying goes.  Share your burdens so that they are not so heavy upon your own shoulders and in turn you will be able to help others in the same way.

February’s Ray of Hope Ginseng (Endurance) – You are strong and healthy, and with others to help you with your burdens you will find that you are more than strong enough to make it through to the end of the troubles that are weighing on you. Take things one step at a time and you’ll get through to the other side no worse for wear.

March’s Theme Mother of Arrows (Swords) – Communication is key through the month of March. As the darkness lets up, connect with others to share what you’ve learned from your experiences, and to gain knowledge and understanding from them in turn. You are starting to feel strong and steady once more, and will need to make sure that you stay on the positive side of things. Keep your chin up and your eyes forward.

March’s Focus / Advice Listen – Listening is an extremely important part of communication. Don’t forget that you have as much to learn from others as you have to share with them in turn.  Take time to be still and quiet and not just listen, but actually hear what others are saying.  For communication to be truly successful, your ears and mind must be open.

March’s Ray of Hope Ephedra (Expansion) –  Knowledge and understanding, as well as a healthy and supportive community, grow through clear and honest communication.  Open up and share, accept what others have to share in turn, and all will grow from the experience, becoming better than before as a result.


One thought on “Year Ahead Spread 2021 – January thru March

  1. I’m here to help you with whatever you need, precious. Anything that you need. Always.

    You locked yourself hard into that workaholic closet this winter and now that rush is over, I’m waiting for you to open the door and let yourself out. I know that you’ve eased off on the work, but have you really eased off on the GOGOGO? Cause it feels like you’re still in a tizzy and rather distracted more often than not.

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