New Moon in Libra – October 2020

De Brigh Black Tarot - New Moon in Libra Tarot Reading

Yesterday was the new moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us.  Today’s spread is brought to you by Ethony‘s Tarot By the Moon series.

1. What is my sensual side craving?

Queen of Swords – Control without harshness.  Guidance without sharp edges.  Just pretty much exactly what I’m been getting from Gideon.  This is not surprising, because Gideon and I are often in sync as to the “flavor” of intimacy we’re delving into.

2. Where can I be more romantic?

Ten of Swords atop Eight of Cups –  Yield instead of running away.   Don’t avoid the submission you crave.  Enjoy it for as long as you can, because soon the holiday rush will not be allowing for any dropping at all… which means no drowning/subspace will be possible either.

3. What needs rekindling?

Ace of Swords – Our communication. Okay so this is just something I’ve noticed lately, but a big part (not in its entirety of course as there’s also a good deal of mental health stuff and teaching going on here, as well as the fact I’ve turned to using it as a digital tarot journal)…. right.  Digression.

Anyway, a big part of the reason for the existence of my blog is to allow Gideon to look into what’s going on with me.  What’s up with my thoughts and worries, my concerns and my feelings. To give him the ability to see what’s going on.    And the thing is, it does that.  But it feels like… I dunno.   I feel like there’s just a quick skim and then a quick “I love you” or other brief response to like one tiny thing that catches the eye.

So it kind of makes me wonder…. is he reading the whole thing?  Or is he just reading a bit of it?  Is he really reading?  I guess I kind of feel that way about the Gid’s Challenge posts sometimes too. They are just for him, but sometimes it feels like… there’s barely any response to them at all.

Maybe it’s not our communication that needs rethinking at all, but rather my clarity concerning why I’m writing in this blog in the first place and the expectations placed upon it and upon him.

4. How can I be more tender with myself?

Four of Swords atop Five of Wands – Meditation over conflict is the message in these cards. I need to start meditating more regularly again, as it will help me in taking control over my inner conflict and allow for a calmer and more centered energy in my day to day.  This calm and centered energy is going to be extremely important as the holiday rush takes hold and turns my world upside down.

5. Where can I best direct this new moon’s energy?

Seven of Swords atop Five of Cups Rx – Strategy is going to be important in order to avoid personal setbacks as I move into the end of the second half of this month.  Be sure that I have my strategies in place for how to deal with the things I need to get done, and don’t deviate from them.

This is an echo of a reading I did a week or so ago that stated “start as you wish to continue on”.  Now the cards speak of that “continuing on” by sticking to the plan.


2 thoughts on “New Moon in Libra – October 2020

  1. Yes, love, I read the whole thing…on all of your posts here. And I know I don’t always respond to everything you write as sometimes there just isn’t alot of feedback that comes to mind. Sometimes there are questions, sometimes there are reminders to give…and sometimes there is a connection in the words, in both the blogs and the challenges…but sometimes the reads aren’t giving me anything personal at all. Not about how you are doing or what you are feeling….I think that’s usually where I feel left at a loss and not sure what or how to respond.

    I think that this is probably where we need to communicate a little more and bridge this gap and I take responsibility for not providing enough here in my responses as sometimes they are indeed too short. (And you are at this very moment pointing me here so I’m going to go and talk to you one on one instead of continuing in this vein) I love you, my heart

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  2. I hope that I am giving you what you need in the control and guidance areas, hm? If not, you need to speak up and tell me what you are in need of, my love.

    I know the drop is going to come soon, and you know the drop is coming soon…and I have the feeling that your aunt is going to fuck it all up and make it worse than it needs to be. So just…reach for me when you need me, love. Communicate and tell me what you are needing if I fail to intuit it and give it to you on my own, hm? I’m good at this, but only when I have the time to feel out what you’re feeling and needing and can act accordingly. Sometimes, especially when time is running short, I can miss things and I need you to speak up when I do.

    I love you. So goddamn much

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