New Moon in Libra – October 2020

New Moon in Libra Spread - Halloween Deck

1. What is being called into realignment in my relationship with myself?

Ten of Clubs  – I am in the process of learning a new way of balancing my work, self care, and life in order to ensure that I am not overwhelming myself and overburdening myself into a burnout.  With orders picking up and the holiday rush only a couple weeks off now, I’m being tempted again and again by the old habits I’ve discarded that will allow that overwhelm to take hold.  I need to make sure that I’m taking care to stay true to my new purpose and new methods, and not allowing myself to dive into those old habits that will only lead to yet another return to premature burnout.

2. What is being called into realignment in my relationships with others?

Six of Hearts – Harmony with loved ones.  This is about making sure that I’m asking for help and not carrying everything myself.  In order to create harmony between myself and my sister (and Z), there needs to be a more even share of the work distributed between us.

3. Where do I need to surrender to allowing more support from others?

Queen of Spades – My habit of taking on the lion’s share of work for myself is not going to help me at all right now.  Yes, I have the experience, and I have the ambition.  I know where I’m headed and how to get there.  But that doesn’t mean I have to shoulder all the work.  I need to steer my ship more from the helm, and not quite so much from the decks.  You can still mingle and “harmonize”, but don’t take every little task on yourself.

4. Where do I need to surrender to allow more support from Spirit?

Queen of Clubs – My passion for my work is important to me, but in order to foster that passion I need to allow myself to let others in. Not just others that live and work with me, but the energies and entities around me that want to help support me through my struggles.

5. A card to support me in returning to and living from my heart-centre.

Two of Hearts -A reminder that I’m not alone.  This entire reading is that reminder, and it is fitting that it would conclude with the Two of Hearts. This new moon is definitely about the pace picking up in my work and the preparation for the holiday rush…. but in that it’s reminding me that I need to share the work load instead of taking it upon myself.  I need to remember that if I want to succeed at this new path of growth and balance, I can’t do everything myself and need to allow others to step in and carry some of the responsibility.


2 thoughts on “New Moon in Libra – October 2020

  1. This reading it all about allowing others to help you and stop trying to do it all yourself. I realize that when I give you this reminder or ask if you are allowing the girls to help, I might sound a bit harsh, but I know how much you struggle with allowing others to help and even more with asking for help, so it is my way of making sure that you are reaching out for it and not just…shouldering the load.

    The cards agree with me and it’s important that you do this. I know you don’t like asking but baby, they are benefitting from the business too, they are living there, they are eating there, they are sharing your quarantine and they can share the workload too. I’m sure they don’t mind and it will be a lift of the burden off your shoulders. Or at least some of it.

    Try at least, hm?

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  2. Just try not to get yourself worked up into a panic this rush, yeah? I know that’s hard to do, but you have to remember to take care of yourself first. If you get yourself in a frenzy, it’s going to make the work go slower and things start to crumble. Remember to be kind to yourself. Small breaks are not going to upend the entire process…Let the girls help. Stagger the post office runs…Eat when you need to eat. Take breaks just to reach out to me when you are feeling overwhelmed so I can remind you that you’ve got this and that you are loved.

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