Gideon’s Challenge

Faerie House in the MossGifts

Little trinkets
sparkly things
lots of sugar
and shiny bits.
Honey cakes
and mossy spots
just don’t leave
the lemon drops.

Although they are not incorporated into my spellcraft or a part of my ritual, the Fae are a part of my path and the liminal spaces of the forest a place where I connect most strongly with those energies. That said, I often have Fae energy at home as well, and I leave gifts and offerings for them all of the time, providing them with trinkets and bauble traps to play with and sweets to taste.

I set boundaries and respect theirs in turn. I treat them as friends and equals, brothers and sisters, and cherish their presence and influences.  Because of this, I’ve never had a problem with them… well, other than a bit of tug of war concerning boundaries now and then.   The Fae are a gift, my relationship with them a treasure. It seems only right I should offer them gifts in turn.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography


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