Tarotholics June 21st Challenge Spread

Fanuna's Tarot

So!  I kinda sort a did the wrong Taraholics Challenge spread yesterday.   I thought I’d rectify that by doing it separately today.  This is Spread #3 of the #TarotholicsDiscordJun2020 Challenge.

1. What in my past is it time to let go of this summer?

Six of Pentacles – One of the biggest reasons that I struggle with asking others for help is because I was taught that such help is considered charity and you become indebted to the one that is providing help. The Six of Pentacles in this position is telling me that that is not how it works, even if it feels like it should.  This belief is ingrained not through reason or observation, but was taught to me at a young age and has stuck with me all this time.  Perhaps it is time to start seeking a different perspective in this matter.

2. What have I carried over from winter I need to weed out?

Three of Cups Rx – Now that you have the opportunity to get out and enjoy some alone time, it’s time to do it.  You need that time for your self care and to help you in feeling balanced and grounded.  Restrictions have lifted enough to allow that to happen and the girls are safe being left home alone while you go off and have a bit of time on your own.

3. Where do I need to focus my energy thru the summer months?

Page of Swords – Finding a different way to communicate with yourself.  Preparation for when you need to charge ahead into your responsibilities is fine, but take your time at it and give yourself time to learn and grow.

4. What opportunity will arise to fill the space I’ve weeded?

Seven of Pentacles – Some of the readings lately have spoke about the patience needed to follow the path of my emotional growth, and the changing of habits and methods being a long term effort and not a quick change.  This card reinforces that sentiment, speaking of long term growth that, over time if I stick with my plans, will bleed over into growth in areas I usually am so very, very focused on such as that stability and security I crave.   In other words, following through with plans to make room on my plate to breath combined with getting the alone time I need to feel balanced and centered will, in turn, end up providing long term growth of not just these areas, but beyond that limited scope as well.

4. How can I help this new opportunity to flourish?

The Empress – This new opportunity is about growth, and how that growth, even as slow moving as it is (or perhaps because of how slow moving it is) has the ability to spread into all aspects of one’s life, influencing them all in positive ways.   The Empress indicates that to encourage this opportunity to flourish, I need to allow my more nurturing energies and connection with the earth to rise to the surface.  She also reminds me that these qualities are not weaknesses.


One thought on “Tarotholics June 21st Challenge Spread

  1. You need alone time and you need that time out in nature as well. I think, for you, that might have been the hardest part of this whole quarantine thing.

    Taking things slow, even emotional growth is going to be difficult for you as well. You don’t like to do things slowly, you like to take it by storm and get it done*Grins*

    I love you, precious. And goddamn I’m missing you today

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