Casanova… or “What the Heart Wants”?

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and the second installment of the “how to meditate” series that I’m currently listening to.   The topic of today’s guided meditation had to do with finding your focus.   As in, the thing that you bring your straying mind back to again and again when it starts to wander.

This, for me, is often the breath.  Although I have found more recently that I get even better results if I focus, instead, on the solar plexus and that sensation of “soul” that resides within there.

Knight of Cups - Slow TarotToday’s draw is the Knight of Cups, which feels like I seem to be seeing a lot of lately. Maybe it is because I don’t have the highest opinion of the Knight of Cups, and he’s trying to change my mind.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I see the Knight of Cups, I often see a manipulator.  Not in a bad way necessarily, but one of those guys that tells you what you want to hear because it makes you feel good and, in turn, that makes him feel good.   It’s all in the motivation behind the act, and this motivation isn’t really about you at all.  It’s about them.   I am aware that this is not a traditional read on this card, but that is what this card so often speaks to me.

What the Knight of Cups can also represent is a person, personality, or energy with a go-get’em attitude about romance and relationships. There is romance, creativity, and charm.  That active beta energy of the knights means that they’re going after what tugs at their heartstrings rather than standing back to let it come to them or walk away.

Everyone needs a bit of that energy sometimes, and maybe that’s the positive for today.  Get in touch with what makes your heart sing and be proactive about fostering the presence in your life of those things and people.

Deck Used: Slow Tarot

Bonus Reading

I’ve decided that for the time being I’m going to continue with the Tarot for Growth prompts, so with the new month comes a new list of prompts for what is now #TarotForGrowthNovember.

Question: How can I increase my mental clarity?

Delos TarotReading Summary:  A lack of connection (Six of Swords) between my deep seated ambitions (King of Wands) and my emotional well being (King of Cups). For clarity focus on others instead of myself (Six of Pentacles) and foster what is important to me in that area (Queen of Pentacles).

Take Away: I’m being reminded again that there are good and bad that come with the marriage of one’s passions with one’s emotions. Creatively speaking, this is great, but it can also mean that it might be hard to get inspired if I’m too connected to my emotions.   A better path for clarity is to focus my energy outward toward others and on nurturing my day-to-day rather than digging into the murkiness that emotions, and especially emotional upheaval, can bring.

In other words?  Stop being so self centered.  It’s time to pull myself out of the self-reflective inner-focused mire that the new depth of emotions I’ve been experiencing lately swamped me with, and if I want to do that I need turn my focus to those around me rather than upon myself.

Deck Used: Delos Tarot 2nd Ed

One thought on “Casanova… or “What the Heart Wants”?

  1. I know that you typically pair me with the king of cups. I am your emotional stability, your center, your strength. I make whatever you are feeling okay and make sure that you are able to understand it, to accept it, to allow it to grow and flourish…but at the same time, I am probably also a bit of that knight of cups. I mean, think about the beginning and my pursuit of you, even when you weren’t so sure that it was what you wanted…I wasn’t letting anyone or anything get in the way of what -I- wanted. That something just so happened to be you.

    I knew what I wanted, I knew it was long term and I was absolutely, positively going to have it, it was already mine, you just didn’t know it yet.

    So maybe that knight isn’t always a bad thing, hm?

    I think you too, have a big of that knight in you, when there is something you want. It’s not necessarily a manipulation to get your way, sometimes it’s just a matter of personal charm and charisma and that…security of knowing exactly what you want and how to get it.

    As for the bonus read, I have trouble seeing you in a self centered perspective. You can sometimes get wrapped up in your own emotions/troubles/goals and motivations and kinda forget that the world is moving around you, but I don’t really consider that self centered.

    Though hey, if you need a place to focus your attention, I’m all yours, babe. I’m pretty sure this is more about your work and creativity, but hey, the offer still holds.

    I love you man. Always

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