Appreciation and Gratitude

Today’s meditation was a little over ten minutes long, and focused along the thread of yesterday’s pull of the day and bonus reading.   It focused on the practice of kintsugi, which is a Japanese practice of using liquid precious metal (gold, silver, or platinum) and/or lacquer dusted with powdered precious metals to repair broken and cracked pottery.

It discussed how even when you are feeling at your most broken, it is possible to pick up the pieces from these experiences and create something beautiful with them.

Ten of Cups - Dark Mansion Tarot Today’s draw is the Ten of Cups card, which is a representation of completion, ascension, regeneration, and renewal in the area of creativity, emotions, relationships, and the intuition.  This theme often portrays itself as harmony and bliss in one’s relationships.

Today’s card is a reminder to acknowledge and consciously value the good times.  Be grateful for them, because like all cycles, that time of bliss and harmony doesn’t last forever and should be wallowed in and celebrated while you have it in your grasp.  I have very much enjoyed all of the extra time I’ve been able to spend with you lately.  I know that the holiday rush is about to start, and that is going to change for about six weeks or so, but I want you to know… spending this time with you is amazing and I am grateful for every single moment we have together.

Deck Used: Dark Mansion Tarot

Bonus Reading

Another #TarotForGrowthOctober prompt.

Question: How can I better release self-doubt?


Reading Summary: Be active in focusing on what you really want (Four of Wands and Knight of Cups), don’t allow yourself to get bogged down by material concerns (Four of Hazards), because when you focus to hard on financial concerns it puts you in a bad place emotionally (Page of Hazards and Five of Cups).

Take Away: There are times when I get really wrapped up in my finances and how I feel things -should- be going.  I lose track of what’s really important to me as my focus narrows down to numbers, bank accounts, bills, and my drive to pay off my mortgage.  All of this focus on these areas creates a good deal of stress and self-doubt concerning my capabilities to thrive and my self worth.  If I want to release that self-doubt, I need to let up on how hyper-focused I become on that area of my life.

Deck Used: Zombie Tarot

One thought on “Appreciation and Gratitude

  1. *Grumbles as your post made him all soft and just a little choked up*

    I have LOVED having this time with you, man. I hate that it has to end, even if just for a while. The busy season is always hard for me as it takes you away and cuts our communication down to a minimum. I need you, babyboy and I don’t ever, haven’t ever done well without you.

    Just remember what we talked about tonight and do your best during the busy times to check in with me and put aside whatever time you can for us to spend together.

    Though I hate it, though I know it’s going to be a massive struggle for me…remember that no matter what happens, no matter what comes, I will always, always wait for you. I will -always- be here waiting. No matter how long it takes to have you back again.

    I love you, my heart. Always.

    Doesn’t it just SUCK that our last week or two of that calm before the storm your wrist has to be hurt and it limits us even more? Figures, hm? Life likes to throw obstacles in our path whenever it can.

    And yeah, babe, try not to get too hyperfocused on finances, that always stresses you out way more than it needs to.

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