Making Choices and New Perspectives

Today’s meditation was ten minutes, and focused on the difference between love and selfishness.  That is to say, when you make decisions on how you act and the things you say with your loved ones…. are these things spurred by love?  Or are they spurred by selfishness?

One of the examples given is in a situation where your partner has the opportunity to advance their career, but to do so they need to go into a course that takes them away from home for two months.   Do you tell them not to go because you feel the need to cling onto them?   Or do you support the choice that is best for them (which would be to go and do the course)?

If its the first, then you are making a choice based on selfishness, rather than love.

I think that this is a line that a LOT of people need help in discerning.  I don’t think that I’m one of those that has this problem personally, but I have seen a lot of people that cross that line again and again, and never have a clue that their doing it.

Dark Mansion TarotToday’s draw is a double without a jumper, which is to say that they both fell out of the deck together.  The cards in today’s draw are the Lovers card and the Page of Wands.

Sometimes you have to make a choice.

The Page of Wands is all about potential and inspiration.  This is something that I have in spades a good amount of the time.  There’s always new ideas swimming in my head, and on the converse, there are times when self limiting beliefs about myself or others can be struggle for me.

The Lovers overlap this card (it is on top) which expresses that on the whole, to make these potential inspirations and aspirations come to life requires making a choice.  I can’t do them all.  I can’t accomplish everything at once, and sometimes bad ideas are just bad ideas.

Together, these cards are about the importance of making choices about where I place my energy.

Deck Used: Dark Mansion Tarot

Bonus Reading

Another #TarotForGrowthOctober prompt again today.  I’m definitely going to try to do the bonus readings every day (or near to it) for the rest of this month.

Question: Where may my growth benefit from external assistance?

Zombie Tarot Reading Summary:  The Five of Swords is all about conflict, disagreements, and competition.  The Three of Cups, on the other hand, is about coming together and cooperation.  The Seven of Swords is along the same theme as the Five, in that it deals with deception and betrayal.   All three of these cards are cards that deal with interaction with others.

Take Away:  I have a deep seated need to understand how others think, and to see their perspectives. Sometimes, though, I have a hard time understanding other people’s motives, especially in times when conflict and deception are involved.  And especially in these situations?  I feel that need even more strongly.  I want to understand, sometimes with great desperation when I can’t get there on my own.

At these times, I often need those closest to help me in expanding my own perspectives and perceptions enough to see things from the person’s view and better understand this other person’s motivations and perspectives.

Deck Used: Zombie Tarot