Aces, Aces Everywhere

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was not a guided meditation.  Instead, I did a body scan to some quiet music to follow along.  Although not as perfect (for me) for meditation as the background music in the meditation app, it was very soothing and relaxing.

Ace of Pentacles - Dark Mansion Tarot Today’s draw is the Ace of Pentacles, which is a representation of seeds of potential, new beginnings, and opportunity in the area of resources, manifestation, finances, and the physical world.

The message that I get from the appearance of this card today is that its important to pay attention and watch out for the appearance of these things.  If you’re not paying attention, these sparks of new opportunity can pass you by.  Sometimes seedlings break free from the seed and stretch up for the light only to be trampled by a careless boot.

Don’t be the careless boot.

Deck Used: Dark Mansion Tarot

Bonus Reading

Another #TarotForGrowthOctober prompt.

Question: What is transforming for me at this time?

Twisted Tarot TalesReading Summary: This is all about my passions (Wands).  It’s about finding the places within my passions and ambitions where I am struggling (Nine of Wands), sorting through what they entail and finding what holds value and what doesn’t (Judgement), and then moving forward with renewed passion in a new direction with what’s not been discarded (Ace of Wands).

Take Away:  What is transforming for me at this time is that over the week while I’m supposed to be taking the time to rest and prepare, it is going to give me time to “switch gears” essentially.  It will allow me to return with vigor for the busy time to come.

Deck Used: Twisted Tarot Tales

One thought on “Aces, Aces Everywhere

  1. *Grins about the careless boot*

    You’re seldom careless, though with your current state of mind, I can definitely see things getting laid by the wayside and forgotten.

    However, I think the message to take some time to relax and recoup and ‘start fresh’ is a very good idea. You’re going to need that reboot when the busy season starts and it is coming for us very soon.

    Just don’t forget that even in that busy season, you still need to take some time to breathe, to relax and rest…and to allow for those necessary comforts(like me) that will get you through to the next thing and the thing after that.

    I love you, my beautiful boy. Always


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