Digging For the Roots

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on being mindful of how we treat those that are closest to us.  It discussed how it is those closest to us that sometimes get the brunt of our bad days or dismal moods.

The guided meditation then walked through a practice of mindfulness and gratitude, to assist in keeping in mind just how precious these people are in one’s life.

Today’s draw is the 2nd card in the Major Arcana, the High Priestess card.  As with all cards in the Major Arcana, this card does not deal with one singular aspect of the human experience, but rather with the “larger picture” and our journey along our life’s path.

The High Priestess card is a representation of intuition, spiritual knowledge, the subconscious, and divine feminine energy.  This card is a reminder not just to listen to your intuition, but to tune into your awareness of the yet to be discovered and the unknown.    She is a reminder that there is more at play in the world than what lies just upon the surface of our awareness.

This card’s appearance on a Self Care Saturday indicates that there are deeper motivations at work than what I perceive going on just on the surface.  I’ve been more tired than normal this week, and a bit reclusive from the world at large.  I even started resenting the presence of my helper a bit, which is ridiculous because 1) I’m PAYING her to be here and 2) she really does help me and my business.

Today I am being given a chance to get in touch with what’s going on beneath the surface and foster the temperance and tolerance, as well as the gratitude, that I need in order to move forward into the busy new week ahead.

Deck Used: Student Tarot v5


One thought on “Digging For the Roots

  1. You can answer this tomorrow, love, but I want to delve a bit deeper on you being reclusive from the world at large and maybe dig into why you are feeling resentful of your helper being there. There might be more involved than you realize for these feelings to be popping up today.

    Though I am feeling really protective and possessive right now, so tomorrow, love, find me answers tomorrow.

    I love you, angel mine. And goddamn…just mine.

    Tonight was…amazing. I’m so glad we had that time together.
    I love you


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