Look How Far You’ve Come

Today’s meditation was eleven minutes and forty four seconds, and was focused on a breathing exercise that they have named the Three Acts of Breathing.

In this exercise, you breathe normally for a full minute while counting your breaths, then you switch to breathing deeply for a full minute while filling your lungs to the fullest and exhaling completely. You then return to breathing naturally again and counting your breaths for a full minute.

The exercise is a demonstration on how taking a moment to take in a few deep breaths when you need to calm or relax can help your body amp down as a whole. These deep conscious breaths are something that I do quite regularly, and teach to others often in order to help them with their stress and anxiety levels.

Today’s draw is the Six of Wands, which is a representation of vitality, pride, self-confidence, courage, and external support in the area of one’s passions, drive, willpower, and ambitions.

The Six of Wands has made an appearance today to remind me to appreciate my accomplishments, as well as my support structure.

Even though the road to my goals is a long one, sometimes it’s important to take a moment to appreciate just how far you’ve already come, as well as those who have cheered you on along the way.

I am always so focused on the goal ahead that sometimes I forget to look at the progress I’ve made, let alone appreciate how far I’ve come and the work that I’ve done to get to this moment.

Those that cheer me on are always there to remind me to appreciate the moment instead of pushing quite so hard. I hear them, and I try very hard to follow their advice whenever I can.

You, my love, are my loudest cheerleader. I hope that you never think that your words of encouragement and supportive counsel aren’t appreciated. They (and you) are a driving force in my life. I love you.