Stay the Path

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and forty eight seconds, and focused on the benefits of doing nothing.

This is, as you might imagine, a difficult topic for me. And a difficult task. To relax and take it all in rather than be active and productive is a struggle. I do understand the value in rest and recuperation, though, as well as the value in stillness and the mindfulness that it makes room for.

Today’s draw is the 15th card in the Major Arcana, the Devil card. This card is a representation of temptation, distraction, and a hedonistic mindset. As with all cards in the Major Arcana, this card’s focus is not on one specific aspect of the human experience, but rather on the big picture and one’s spiritual journey as a whole.

When this card appears, it is often a warning that you are being distracted off of your chosen path.

It’s appearance in today’s draw is a reminder to take care of myself. Here, while visiting at my mother’s, there are a lot of rich foods offered (and served) on a daily basis. There is also the ever-present temptation to let my inner deamons run amok.

The appearance of the Devil card is a reminder to stay on the path(s) I have chosen for myself, rather than allowing myself to be distracted and pulled off into the weeds.