#HowITarot a (non) VR to the Three Fat Readers

Another tarot quiz, this time from the Three Fat Readers YouTube channel.

The Questions:

1. What sparked your interest in tarot? (Tarot beginnings, tarot origin)

As I’ve explained in a previous post or two, I was gifted the Gypsy Fortune Cards when I was around the age of nine or ten. I was then, in the next few years, given a number of Lenormand decks. This is the foundation of my practice with oracle themed cards.

In my mid/late teens, I then was exposed to the Rider Waite Smith system, and I really liked the vast amount of symbolism and imagery in the cards. I then picked up my first deck at a metaphysical shop in Seattle. My second deck outside the Lenormand system was a playing card deck of casino cards from The Mirage in Las Vegas. It was with this deck that I learned the numerology behind the RWS system. From there, I then received the 1971 Rider Tarot.

2. Do you only use tarot in your readings or do add in other forms of divination? (What are they)

Lenormand. Playing Cards. Tarot with Oracle cards as clarification, as long as the Oracle is a balanced deck (not just light and positive). I also use oracles for certain spots in a spread now and then, but I see the single dimensional Oracles (positive and light oracles) as more for affirmations and meditation, though, and not for readings.

Lets see… what else. Pendulums. Casting charms. And I would like to learn runes. Linette does tea leaf readings.

3. Are you a “psychic” or a card reader?

Intuition from the imagery, with a foundation of basic card meanings.  I lean heavily on intuition over basic card definitions, but I look at both when doing a reading and follow my gut on what feels like the right message, or if both need to be taken into account.

I wouldn’t call this method psychic, but I wouldn’t classify it as a basic “card reader” either.

4. Do you use tarot for anything other than readings? (Spells, altar cards, display as art, gifts)

Absolutely. I do a daily positivity pull each day to assist me in battling my depression and keeping it at bay.  I sometimes scan cards and print them smaller to put in my tarot journal. I often use extra cards in decks as bookmarks. I’ve rarely used them for spell castings, but I have from time to time if I feel it’s called for. In some cases, this has permanently damaged the cards, though.

5. Have you ever taken a break from Tarot? If yes, why?

I have. In fact I’ve taken a break from my spirituality practice as a whole on more than one occasion. Usually, it’s during a time when life is overwhelming, although I’ve recently come to realize that I cope better during those times if I do not abandon my practice, so I will be striving to make this change in the future.

6. If you could live in any tarot card from the RWS which would it be?

I don’t think I can choose just one, so I have three.

The Nine of Pentacles, because there is an abundance and peace within the depiction of the card and a communion with nature.

Seven of Pentacles, because I like hard work, and I like even better that feeling of accomplishment that comes when you start to see the fruits of your labors coming into fruition. I mean, come on, the guy’s working in a garden.

The Two of Wands. There’s a hint of station to the card, which to me represents a certain financial security. Add to that the world in his hands and the grounding of the wands to the earth. It seems like a very good place to be to me.

7. Do you use the tarot in a predictive way? Do you predict the future?

I’m not sure I would call it “predicting the future” so much as reading the possibilities and interpreting trajectories. As in, the cards indicate that this is the path you are on and where the energies are leading you.

Awareness and choice can then change that trajectory. If you make changes and still end up there, I don’t think it was so much that I predicted the future as that the result is about a lessons you needed to learn.

For me, divination is an exploration of possibilities and trajectories, with the opportunity for changing the outcome. It is not the same as prophesy or fate, both of which come from a place of receiving messages and/or direction from beyond.

8. Intuitive, wrote, classic, modern, mix?

I guess that I’d say it’s mix with heavy on the intuition.

I think this question is very similar to the #3 question.  I was taught to read Lenormand intuitively. When I then started learning the RWS, I pushed myself to learn and memorize the card meanings. But, in the end, I came to realize that although the base knowledge is a good foundation, it’s intuition that really speaks to me first in most readings.

The exception to this is when I’m reading playing cards and/or the Tarot de Marseilles decks.  Then I end up depending more heavily on the numerological interpretations and definitions.

9. What are your most consistent Tarot habits?

My daily draw for positivity that I use for mental health reasons. I do this consistently during my morning devotional.  I request a positive message to carry with me throughout my day and foster perspective, and I then blog my interpretation of this card’s positive message here on my blog to share with you.

Weekly check-ins on Saturday as part of my self care.

I also regularly do readings and spreads on holidays, full moons, new moons, and at the beginning of each year.

10. Do you see Tarot as a magickal tool, a spiritual tool, a psychological/self-help tool, something else? All of the above?

All of the above. As a magickal tool, it is excellent for use in setting intention.  As a spiritual tool it assists in communicating with the energies of the nature, the universe, the all, etc.  In the areas of psychology and self-help, the cards are excellent for communicating with your intuition and your inner voice, as well as in shadow work and in combating issues such as anxiety and depression with the daily draw practice.

In truth, the tarot decks are a tool and their uses are as vast as the array of different people that use them.

11. Do you ‘collect’ Tarot decks? Why or why not?

Good f’king god, yes. I collect tarot decks. I do not just collect them willy nilly, though. (Like that word? LOL)  The imagery has to speak to me in some way for me to be interested in owning it.

I DO have a small collection of decks that do NOT speak to me, that I’m on the fence for what I’m going to do with them as yet.

12. Do you have an aesthetic when it comes to the types of decks you enjoy? If so, what is it?

Absolutely, although I’m not sure I can define it.   The fact that you and I are in agreement on the artwork presented on certain decks (whether we both love it or hate it) makes it clear that I absolutely -do- have a certain aesthetic.

I guess I would say that it’s a combination of earthy, traditional with a hint of historical vintage, colorful without being garish or abrasive, a good balance of warm and cold colors, and not too “messy”.  I am sometimes attracted to a bit of fantasy, as long as it’s not too fluffy and froufrou, and I sometimes like a cartoony aesthetic now and then as long as it isn’t too childish or too explicit.

I am not attracted to angels and goddess themes.

13. Do you personify your deck?

Definitely. I don’t give them names and think of them as people, mind you.   But I DO associate personalities to the decks based on how they feel to me, as each one speaks to me differently and they have differences in what I feel they work best for depending on how I relate to each one.


The ‘Us’ Card

Today’s meditation was 10 minutes long, and focused on making a choice to reside in the present and mindful in the moment, rather than allowing future worries and concerns or past traumas to pollute your mind and emotions with stress and anxiety.

Sometimes, in the face of stress over the future, we forget just how sweet the current moment is.   Today’s meditation was a reminder to stay mindful of the present and don’t get carried away with things that are either already over, or have not even come yet into existence.

Today’s draw is the Three of Pentacles, which is a representation of collaboration, cooperation, and the small gains and growth in the area of the physical world, finances, manifestation, and resources.

The Three of Pentacles reminds me of our relationship.  Not that there are three people in our relationship, but rather that there are three entities… the you, the me, and the us.

This is not the suit of emotions and relationships, mind you.   That would be the suit of Cups.  But, I feel that this suit fits our relationship better.  For me, our relationship isn’t based on emotions.   I’m not saying that love and emotions are not there, as they absolutely are.  I’m saying that our relationship feels like home.  Solid.  Substantial. Supportive. Stable.  All of these are a reflection of the suit of Pentacles, and that, to me, is where our relationship resides.

The Three of Pentacles speaks of how differences come together to create something better, collaborating in a way that each side contributes its own particular brand of expertise to the whole.   The you, the me, and the us.

Each on our own are forces to be reckoned with, and we are both very, very different.  But, what we have built together is also its own thing.  It is “US” and that, too, is powerful and strong in its own right.  It is the blend of two that creates something with a life of its own.  Our life.

Today’s appearance of the Three of Pentacles isn’t a lesson, but simply a reminder to appreciate the us… and the you… and the me.   All three distinctive factors, unique and essential in their own right, that when combined together create something bigger and more beautiful than any one could have done on its own.

I love you.