Home Sweet Home

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and forty eight seconds, and focused on being present. That is to say, consciously be mindful of the now instead of being distracted by thoughts of the past or the future.

This mindfulness then allows you to find more clarity and joy in your life.

Today’s draw is the third card in the Major Arcana, the Empress. This card, like all cards of the major arcana, deals with not just one single factor of the human experience, but rather the whole of our journey through spiritual awakening and/or life.

The Empress is the “mother” card, and represents fertility, abundance, hearth and home, the earth and our connection with it, as well as the good and bad factors of a mother’s energy and responsibilities.

This card has appeared in today’s draw as a reminder that work is not everything. It is not the end all, be all of my existence. The Empress is a reminder that home is also important, as is nurturing oneself and those around us.

I often get so wrapped up in my work that I forget about self-care, savoring my home life, and nurturing myself and those around me. Today is my Self-Care Saturday, and as such this is a fitting card to appear today to remind me that there is far more to enjoy in life than just work.