Taking a Breather is Okay

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and forty eight seconds long, and focused on how it is human nature to cast judgement, but that when we do so, it is important to look at how we came up with our assumptions and consider if those assumptions aren’t based off of something within ourselves rather than from whatever first impressions we are getting from others.

It was a good topic, although it neglected the aspect of instinct and intuition, which made it a bit incomplete as a discussion on the subject.   That said, if those aspects has been included, the meditation would have been quite a bit longer, and I know that for these daily guided meditations, they usually try to stick to a ten to fifteen minute window.

Today’s draw is the Four of Swords, which is a representation of rest, stability, restoration, contemplation, and recovery in the areas of the mind, thoughts, logic, communication, and instincts.

For a few weeks in July, I had been skipping my naps during the day, and I felt that by doing so I was getting a lot more done and being more productive.   But, over the past week or so, I’ve found that I’m really starting to drag in the late afternoons.

This card is a reminder that it’s okay to rest when I need to so that I can better bounce back and handle my responsibilities and interests with more energy and creativity.  Instead of lying down for a few minutes and using my phone, I need to start laying down for a few minutes and actually sleep.   For, as much as I want to be filled with boundless and infinite amounts of energy, the truth is that rest is an important part of progress.

Deck Used: Student Tarot v5