The Little Things Make a Difference

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and thirteen seconds, and focused on exhaustion and how to deal with it so that you do not suffer burnout.

The guided meditation started with a body scan from head to toe, which I always enjoy, before moving on to discussing how we need to be sure to put time in our schedules for self-care, and be sure that we are not overcommitting ourselves so that the self-care times end up neglected.

Today’s draw is the Six of Swords, which numerologically speaks of harmony, vitality, and cooperation, as well as humanity’s issues and limitations in the areas of the mind, thoughts, logic, and communication.

What I see in today’s card, though, is more of an intuition reading then a numerological one, although I suppose it ties into the latter part of the above explanation as well, now that I think about it. That is because today, the Six of Swords is a representation of “moving on” and finding a new path away from thoughts and mindsets that are not serving me well.

I’ve recently started to fall into a couple of old habits since coming back from mom’s house. Little things that, after some contemplation in the shower today, I realize have been holding me back and tugging me down.

As an example… Prior to heading to visit mom, if I woke up organically in the morning I would get up out of bed and start my day. Recently I’ve been waking up and looking at the clock and then rolling over to get a few more Zs. But what I have found is that I feel better throughout the day if I don’t do this. If I get up when I first organically wake up on my own I seem to have a little bit more energy, and a slightly brighter outlook on the day. It’s a small thing… and yet it isn’t, because it messes with my energy levels and enthusiasm.

The Six of Swords is telling me that these indulgent mindsets I’ve fallen into are really not serving me, and it’s time to find a new path moving away from this type of behavior.