Step Off

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and focused on creativity, or rather on creative blocks (such as writer’s block, for example).

The guided meditation discussed how it isn’t in pushing yourself that you can overcome these blocks, but rather in letting go.  Taking a moment of stillness and peace, of mindful existence in the present, and using that step away from the blockage, whether it be for a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, or longer, to clear the mind of that frustration and drive.   And, that once you do this, creativity has a way of returning to it’s natural flow all on its own.

As is often the case, today’s meditation correlates well to today’s daily draw, which is the Ten of Swords. This card is a representation of culmination and completion in the areas of the mind, logic, intellect, communication, and ambition.

As you can see from the very RWS rendition of this card, that culmination and completion can often be painful, and is followed by a time of rest before one can then move on.

Sometimes, this card can come up as a warning, but I believe that for today’s draw it is speaking of a need to let go.  It speaks of now being a time not to get wrapped up in bustle and chaos, but rather to “step off” and close that door, and move on to better and brighter things.

It seems that I need this message from time to time, primarily because there are times (even daily) when my self destructive urges niggle at me to enmesh myself in unnecessary struggle and strife, especially mentally.   With the subdrop soon upon me, this is not the time for that on any level, and this card is telling me that I need to be seeking rest and peace instead.