Balance and Prioritization

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and fifty four seconds, and focused on how to defuse anger.

The guided meditation discussed how when we feel that first spark of anger, it is through our thoughts that we fuel the fire of the anger. This then feeds it, allowing it to grow to greater and greater heights.

Yet, if we instead take a moment when we feel that initial spark of anger, and just step back for a moment and breathe… sometimes this is all we need to help defuse the anger, or at the very least keep it from building upon itself until it develops into an unruly inferno.

Today’s draw is the Two of Pentacles, which is a representation of dualities, balance, partnerships, unions, and division in the area of the human experience concerning the physical world, resources, and finance.

As I mentioned in previous appearances of this card, the Two of Pentacles is one of the cards that I identify the most strongly with in the Rider Waite Smith system. Like the person depicted in the card’s imagery, to me this card is all about juggling and balance most of the time when it comes up in a reading, and today is no different.

I have a busy day of processing orders and prepping for my trip to the post office tomorrow. I need to balance this with my own personal self-care… as well as my needs that you awoke last night that need to be satisfied damnit!! The balance between responsibilities, personal care, and my own wants and desires is always a difficult one to juggle. There just never seems to be enough time in the day.

Today’s draw is a reminder that each of these aspects of my life is important and, like one of the pentacles is higher than the other in the eternal juggle of the two on the card, it is important to prioritize… but not to the point that you drop everything else.

One thought on “Balance and Prioritization

  1. We will take care of those personal needs soon beautiful. I know yesterday was busy so hopefully today’s trip will be easy and quick and we will get some time together tonight. I love you angel. I want you too

    Very very much


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