Patience in Leadership

Today’s meditation was skipped.

IMG_E2613Today’s draw is the Emperor card, which is traditionally a representation of “big dick energy” (look at that sword!). Right so that’s a very modern way of saying what this card represents, which is to say the Emperor is about authority, leadership, structure, and responsibility with a focus on the “greater good”.

In this imagery, the Emperor is not looking particularly thrilled with his lot in life at the moment. Those steely eyes look ready to do a full on hard-jawed eye roll, in fact.  And yet, there is a great deal of stillness here in the figure, among all the movement going on with his robes and hair.

The message we see in today’s card is about patience.  Sometimes being a good leader means that even though you know what needs to be done, sometimes you have to wait for others to catch up.  Leaders can’t lead without people behind them to usher forward to greater things.  Sometimes that “ushering forward” feels a whole lot more like herding… and that’s okay.  Practice a little patience.  Take a deep breath.  What’s obvious to you might take others a bit of time to understand… but they’ll get there.


#DiscordTarotholicsMay2023 Challenge Prompt
: Do the Beltane Spread
Info: Beltane has arrived! Also known as May Day, today marks a time to celebrate spring’s abundance and the fertility of the earth as the weather warms and growth becomes the theme of the season.Today’s spread takes a look at some of the elements associated with Beltane, and the advice they have to offer us.

Beltane Oracle Reading with the Inner Child Oracle

Dandelion: Healing/Perseverance – How can I use my inner strength to help me in healing old wounds?

Support – Seek the support of those that you know will be there for you through thick and thin, and that you can trust to help you in times when you are feeling vulnerable.

Bees: Community/Hard Work – Where could I put in more effort to help my community?

Silent Night – You already do enough and have enough on your plate. You can help your community most by taking care of yourself better and ensuring you get the rest and recovery you need.

Garnet: Self Empowerment – What do I need in order to foster a greater sense of self empowerment?

Bet On You – Take time to raise self-awareness of just how capable you are and all of the things that you have managed to do in your life so far. By celebrating these things, you also raise your awareness of just how empowered you can be just by being yourself and using the tools that are a part of who you already are.

Swallow: Love/Loyalty – Where do I need to more openly display my love and loyalty to others?

Self-CareListen when others tell you that you are in need of self-care, and take their suggestions to heart instead of shrugging them off.

Malachite: Abundance – How can I better use intention to bolster the abundance in my life going forward?

Treat Yourself – Small joys in life should not be ignored or taken for granted. If you want to feel a sense of more abundance in your life, start paying more attention to the small joys that you normally ignore.

Goat: Overcoming Obstacles – How can I best overcome obstacles before me at this time?

Celebrate – Celebrate the wins, no matter how small they are. All progress is still progress, even if it’s the smallest of steps. Instead of constantly telling yourself that what you’ve accomplished is not enough and you need to do more, celebrate what you’ve done and how far you’ve managed to come.

Primrose: Young Love – How can I add more of the exuberance of young love into my life?

Fly Free – Allow others to see the real you… even your fun loving and silly sides, as well as the vulnerability that you try so hard to hide. It is when you share all of yourself that you shine your brightest and are most approachable to others.


Daily Self Kindness

Even though I was a bit overwhelmed by a sudden burst of orders for Mothers Day, I made sure to take a few small breaks here and there to have a breather throughout the day.

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