Burn It All Down Tarot Reading

Burn it All Down Tarot Reading with the Bix Tarot

What would be helpful to burn down in my life?

Ace of Cups and Six of Swords – Your tendency to try and run away from your emotions. Especially the new ones that you don’t understand. It would be helpful to bring that tendency into check instead of letting it dictate your behavior out of habit or fear.

How can that destruction move me forward?

Eight of Wands Rx and Two of Wands – Allowing yourself to stay in the moment of those new emotions instead of running from them can create a less chaotic push and shove in your life over all, resulting in more steady footing for the journey yet to come.

In what area will I then need to rebuild?

Six of Coins and Queen of Wands – Fostering a new passion for generosity towards yourself and others can allow you the room you need to grow and understand without the pressure to always be on top of everything.


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