Watchfulness and Preparation

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Diary of Cats Tarot - Nine of SwordsToday’s draw is the Nine of Candles (Swords), which is traditionally a representation of (both founded and unfounded) anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, stress, and worry.

Look at that fluffy tail and all those candles lain out in a row.  There’s definite danger here, and the owner might be sweating it a bit to see the cat so close.  So much could potentially go wrong.

Today’s card is a reminder to keep an eye on potential dangers and issues. You don’t have to always step in and circumvent them, but it’s a good idea to be prepared… just in case something catastrophic is lurking around the corner preparing to pop out and light a fire under your ass.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2023 Challenge Prompt
Questions for April 10th and 11th

The Enchanted Garden OracleIn what aspect of life do you need a new perspective?

Blue Moon and Float – You don’t always have to be on top of everything and always pushing for forward motion.  Sometimes, just like growth spurts in children, the best growth happens while your sleeping.

What would this new perspective look like?

Falling and Winter Slumber – Okay so this is not an outcome I want, so while it might be nice to take a look at this new perspective, enacting it in my life is not happening right now. Slow winters and a crumbling foundations are not things I have any interest in facilitating.

That said?  There’s advice here about making sure that you take the time for rest when you have the opportunity, because there are just as many times in life when that opportunity isn’t present and you’re needed to hold everything together or rebuild what’s been lost.


@Lionharts #TheAprilTarot Light My Fire Challenge Prompt
: How can I best channel my most courageous, most fearless self?

Diary of Cats Tarot - Ace of Swords, Four of Pentacles, The LoversReading Summary: Make sure you’re getting what you need for yourself (The Lovers) to feel stable and secure (Four of Pentacles) by communicating your needs clearly (Ace of Swords).

Take Away: You have a habit of not opening up when you are in need of help.  If you want to be your most courageous and fearless self, you have to let go of your reluctance to let others in and allow them to see your vulnerabilities.

It’s okay to show them those things you’re not good at or confident about, and as for their help concerning these things.  Communicate your needs more clearly and get the help you need.


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post, and I’m not entirely sure what today’s self-kindness might have been.

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