Spring Awakening Lenormand Reading

Spring Awakening Lenormand Reading with the Sparkly Lenormand

What part of your life is ready for a fresh start?

Ring and Birds – Seek out those things in your life that feel unstable. A “Fresh Start” does not mean discarding, but rather breathing fresh air into something gone old and tired.  Projects gone stagnant.  Look for those things that are feeling flighty, chaotic, without an anchor.  This spring is a time to bring some stability to those areas.

What needs to be nurtured to bring that a new beginning to fruition?

Key and Coffin – Connect with your grief over the ideas and projects that haven’t worked out, and give yourself permission to grieve them and then let them go. It’s okay to write them off as a loss, just make sure you deal with how you feel about it as you do so.

What can come from tending to this potential?

Lily and Scythe – Results come from sticking to the straight and narrow on this.  You can have that fresh start, and find a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure in it, but only if you put in the work to make it what you want it to be.  That means allowing yourself to feel your feelings, and dealing with letting go so that the way is clear for that fresh start to develop and begin.


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