Mountains Out of Molehills

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Rabbit Tarot - Three of SwordsToday’s draw is the Three of Carrots (Swords), which is traditionally a representation of heartbreak, disappointments, and hurt feelings. The key to remember in this card is that it is in the Swords suit, which is about the mind. We are not in the Cups suit. These emotions are about being stuck in your head, they are produced by the thoughts, opinions, and inner narrative going on up in the mind. Thus, they live in the Swords suit instead of in the Cups.

I wanna go do other stuff today.  I am having such a hard time staying on task that it’s ridiculous, and considering that it’s an orders day, that’s not a great thing.

It isn’t as if there’s a lot to do… just that I don’t feel like doing it, much like the rabbit in this imagery doesn’t feel like dealing with those three carrots… no matter that there’s only three there to deal with.

The message in today’s cards is that the tasks before you are not as insurmountable as your mind makes them out to be.  Don’t let your discontent with what needs done make mountains out of molehills.


@the_mystic_star’s April #MysticStarChallenge Prompt
Prompts for April 7th thru 11th
Re: The hidden root cause of your feelings of overwhelm.

The Garden OracleHow can I nurture this hidden aspect more fully?

Cool beneath Lucky – Chill out and allow things to take their own course, then be pleasantly surprised when they go better than you expect. Don’t allow your negative inner narrative and pessimism to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How can I embrace these hidden aspects for what they are?

Control Rx atop Fix Rx – Remember that it’s not about controlling things or fixing them, but about acceptance and understanding.

What will help to balance out what I know and what is hidden from me?

Happy – Lean into that optimism and positivity that you are using to counterbalance your negativity. Look for things you don’t just enjoy, but actually consider fun… those things that make you smile and laugh in delight rather than in sarcasm or derision.

What tools will help me bring about the balance I am looking for?

Beauty atop Brother – Take time to enjoy and appreciate the healthy and happy relationships you have with those you are closest with.

How can I become more observant so there isn’t so much hiding in the Shadows?

Silent – Return to your meditation practice, and to doing it regularly. You need the stillness it has to offer you and the quiet contemplation it inspires.


@Lionharts #TheAprilTarot Light My Fire Challenge Prompt
: How can I cultivate a greater sense of adventure in my life?

The Rabbit Tarot - Knight of Cups, The Moon, Four of Cups, Nine of SwordsReading Summary: Don’t let the stagnancy (Four of Cups Rx) that can come from fear of the unknown (The Moon) or failure (Nine of Swords) keep you from going after those things that you think you’ll enjoy (Knight of Cups). [All the weighty obstacles are piled atop the Knight, and yet the Knight of Cups chooses to move away from them and focuses on his pleasure instead.]

Take Away: To cultivate a greater sense of adventure in your life, it’s necessary to let go of fears and anxieties that bread your nay-saying inner narrative.

Go boldly after what you enjoy instead of using things like responsibilities and obligations as excuses to hang back when in truth… that’s not why you’re hanging back at all.  Your hesitancy lies in fears and anxieties instead.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a handful of small breaks today.  It kind of made my small amount of orders draw out throughout the day, but I don’t feel so exhausted at the end of the day either, so it’s sort of a trade off, I think.

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