Mushroom Wisdom Lenormand Reading

Mushroom Wisdom Lenormand Reading with the Thumbelina Lenormand

What qualities or characteristics make me unique?

Stork and Letter – Your ability to transform the hearts, minds, and lives of others with just a few profound words. This isn’t something that happens all the time, but it is pure magic when it does. These are moments that you don’t even realize are happening until someone comes back later to share with you their experience.

How can I work with others in mutually beneficial ways?

Ship and Stars –  You can inspire others to reach for their dreams and foster hope in their hearts, even when there is physical distance between you and them.  Never forget the power of your influence over others and use it to help lift them up, whether they are near to you or far away.

In what way am I being called to spread out and grow?

Man and Fish – Work at moving beyond gender roles in your thought processes.  You might do this in many ways already, but there are just as many ways that you are stuck in the quagmire of old systems and need to break free.

How can I live in unity with my surroundings?

Lady and Anchor – Connect with those women in your life that are there for the long haul and find a sense of stability in the fact that they are not just there for you, but aren’t going anywhere.


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