Lessons From the Past

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Purple Cat Tarot - Two of WandsToday’s draw is the Two of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of making future plans, plotting your course towards progress and possibility, and making the decisions that support this type of planning and the endeavors planning in this manner can support.

Here again I see a theme that has been repeating quite a bit lately.  Either I’m not listening, or the advice hasn’t come to fruition yet.  In the imagery of this card, this cat doesn’t just look out at the world as in most Two of Wands, but actually looks directly to the left… into the past.

The advice I see in this card is to make sure you are looking back at what you’ve tried before and carry forward what works into your future plans and the plotting of your course moving forward.


@lucet.in.aurora.tarot’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 24th: The place where your tarot sleeps.

Tarot Deck RackIn a previous prompt for this challenge, I have already shared with you the shelves that my tarot decks live on. So, for this prompt I am showing you the rolling rack that I use where the decks that are in rotation for the month are stored.

This three-shelf rack (on wheels) sits beside my reading table, and usually holds between 40 and 60 decks at any given time that are currently in rotation to be used for the month.

When I switch out my decks each month, I roll the cart over to my deck shelves just like using a library cart. At the beginning of each month, the contents of the rack are returned to my deck shelves, and the new rotation of decks is pulled for the upcoming month before the rack is returned to its place beside my reading table.

Daily Self Kindness

I dawdled in bed for a bit today instead of just getting my ass up and getting things done.  I kind of feel a bit guilty about it, but it was really nice all the same.

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