The Creative Quill

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Likely Tarot - Ace of SwordsToday’s draw is the Ace of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of the seed of new beginnings in the area of one’s intellect, education, ambitions, thoughts, and communication. This often translates into themes that have to do with new ideas and interests, new contacts or ways to communicate with others, or new interests or educational pursuits.

The feather in this card makes me think of a quill and brings my mind to the fact that I am eager to get back home to Gideon where we can then pick up our literary roleplay.

It’s difficult (often impossible) for me to do this activity with him when I’m on the road, and I’m eager to get back to it with him now that my enthusiasm is kindled.

Today’s card brings my mind to these pursuits and encourages being open to trying new things.’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 22nd: Flowers and a tarot card.

In the background of this image are flowers that I saw today on my journeys.


Daily Self Kindness

I might have caught a few catnaps yesterday, but I made up for it today with one long nap after another, only waking long enough to navigate when needed or eat when we stopped.

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