The Ripple Effect

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Fountain Tarot - Six of CupsToday’s draw is the Six of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of the emotions that circle around topics of nostalgia and looking back into the past and embracing the joy and innocence that often comes with childhood memories and remembering past relationships.

Make peace with your past. No one’s past is all bad. Take time to seek out the small positive moments and allow your mind to linger in the memory.

Teach your mind to focus on them, instead of always honing in on the negative experiences. By doing so, you allow these positive experiences and feelings from the past to ripple outward into your present like the ripples of a pebble dropped in a pond.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2023 Challenge Prompt
Prompt for March 19th
: Do the Ostara Spread – The Spring Equinox is tomorrow! With daylight and darkness now in equal measure, we welcome spring’s arrival with open arms after the long cold of winter’s embrace. Today’s spread takes a look at some of the elements associated with the Spring Equinox, and the advice they have to offer us.


Tulips – Loyalty / Forgiveness: Where do I need to practice forgiveness to foster stronger loyalty?

Eight of Swords – This card reflects back up into the card of the day that I pulled earlier (the Six of Cups). It is a reminder that, even though our mind focuses on the bad things that of happened to us, it doesn’t negate the fact that there are good things that happen to us as well. We need to find a way to turn our focus to those good things, instead of dwelling on the bad ones and blinding ourselves to the positive experiences we’ve had.

Robin – Compassion / Patience: How can I give myself more compassion and patience?

Nine of Coins – Instead of constantly pushing for more out of yourself than you’re already giving, take time to look at all that you have accomplished and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love: How can I be more open to offering unconditional love to others?

Queen of Wands – Offer from a place of power rather than weakness. You have the ability to share your passions with others and stir up their passions in return. Use this instead of coming into the situation from a position that feels like you are at a disadvantage and you will be far more comfortable being more open with them.

Aquamarine – Calm / Courage: What do I need to help me to stay calm and courageous in the face of adversity?

The Sun – Hope and a positive outlook. In order to stay calm and courageous you need to make sure that you are leaning into positivity and optimism, as well as trying to give yourself opportunities to have fun when you can. This helps to lighten your load as a whole, which then assist you in remaining hopeful and courageous when adversity raises its head.

Butterfly – Transformation: What sort of transformation is waiting for me this spring?

Three of Coins – Even more connection with others who help you along with your endeavors. It’s so hard for you to ask for help, but over time you have begun to do so more easily. This trend will continue over the spring as you appreciate the value of other’s contributions more and more.

Clover – Luck / Protection: Where in life will luck play into protecting me from potential harm?

Six of Cups – Experiences from your past will rise up to help you with future challenges. This will feel like luck, because you already have the answers after having gone through it before.

Rabbit – Fertility / Abundance: How can I encourage more abundance in my life this spring?

The Devil – Watch out for unhealthy habits and patterns to rise up, and nip them in the butt quickly.


Daily Self Kindness

I took my time leaving today. By not rushing myself, I allowed myself to not get so wound up and stressed with the process.

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