The Threshold

DailyCalm with the Calm AppToday’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was one of the Daily Calm meditation sessions from the Calm app. The topic of today’s meditation was the humanity based philosophy of Ubuntu which, in my understanding, is in many key ways very similar to Confucianism (interesting article comparing the two was found here).

The session spoke of our happiness being reliant on the happiness of those around us, and  how connecting with others we can grow a more happy environment and life than by selfishly keeping all joy and happiness to ourselves and leaving others out of it.

Nigel Jackson Tarot - The World cardToday’s draw is the World card, which is traditionally a representation of completing a journey and the potential that comes from growth, which can allow us to then begin a new journey (note, that the World is not about the new journey, but rather the end of the old and the potential for what’s next).

When the figure steps through the laurel wreath on the card, it the symbolism of a new beginning. As they step through the wreath, they leave behind the old, and look forward as they cross the threshold into the future. The key in this card is in the fact that this figure is not behind the laurel wreath about to step through, nor in front of it, already having crossed the threshold.  Instead, the figure is in the process of crossing, one foot in the past and the other in the future.

In this liminal space between the past and the future, there is a huge amount of potential, and that is what today’s card is about.  The message in this card is all about potential go after what you want… to make the future what you want it to be. Make sure, as you cross out of the past into the future that you keep your eyes forward and know what you want for yourself, who you want to be, and what you want to become.

DECK USED:  THE NIGEL JACKSON TAROT’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 3rd: Your significator (the court card that “is” you)

Nigel Jackson Tarot - Queen of CoinsQueen of Coins – I mentioned this card in this exact same question just the other day, but I figured I’d expand a little bit on my answer this time around.

The Queen of Coins is often about balancing responsibilities with an effort towards nurturing multiple themes in one’s life at once. Home life and work need equal attention to grow and be healthy, and the Queen of Coins seeks to do just that. In fostering both themes, there is a need for balance and a strong and grounded foundation from which to work from.

This figure works best when rooted in stability, and in turn provides stability to others both at home and at work.

This is the stability and balance that I strive to create each day for both myself and for those around me.  Through that endeavor I seek always to put home and work in harmony and balance, rather than at odds.


Daily Self Kindness

I took a nap. A much longer nap than I intended to, but I feel much better now.

One thought on “The Threshold

  1. I can sorta see you in the queen, I suppose.
    Though I think I probably get less of that energy than others, except maybe when you’re in top space.

    You’re so beautiful to me, no matter how that manifests as you grow and evolve over the years, I love the man you have grown into, the one that you have become…and the one that you will become in the future. Always growing and evolving into something even more spectacular than what you were before…

    You are beautiful, my love. Exactly as you are..

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