That Morning Spark

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Tarot by Kalan - Ace of WandsToday’s draw is the Ace of Wands, which is traditionally interpreted as a seed, new start, or beginnings concerning one’s drive, ambitions, or passions. This often comes across in themes concerning the spark of new inspiration or new opportunities relating to one’s interests and ambitions.

I was in contemplation earlier and came across the realization that I no longer seem to have something that pulls me out of bed with eager anticipation in the morning, and in the face of that… I’m finding it harder and harder to not dawdle in bed, stay longer and sleep more instead of embracing the arrival of each day with open arms.

Today’s card is a reminder that this is something I need, and if it’s not something I’m getting?  Then it turns my entire perception of the world upside down.  Therefore, the message here is that it’s  time to start looking for something that will spark that fire within once more each day when I wake up.  It’s time to start considering where to find my next spark of inspiration


@Lionharts #TheMarchTarot Wander Lust Challenge Prompt
Question for March 2nd
: What is ready to take shape or manifest for me?

Charm of Ink Inspiration CardsReading Summary: Taking time to slow down (Slowing Down the Pace) and meditate (Settling to the Meditation) will allow you to better handle times of uncertainty (In the Foggy Tower).

Take Away: Okay so, the cards have been nagging for months to pick back up a regular meditation practice.  Here is the clearest message yet.  You need to meditate.

Regular meditation doesn’t just provide you with physiological benefits of lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure, but allows you to deal with a variety of stressors and uncertainties far more easily and gracefully than you do when you are not meditating regularly.

So get back to it and allow yourself that inner strength that it can provide for you in times of stress.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2023 Challenge Prompt
Question for March 2nd
: Old Stuff Day – What in your life is overdue for being tossed out?

The Tarot by Kalan - Two of Swords, Seven of Cups, Queen of Swords, Eight of PentaclesEight of Pentacles atop Queen of Swords Rx – The cruel and unhealthy narratives you direct toward yourself concerning your work and hard earned skills need to go. You’ve worked too hard and come too far to be still listening to that bullshit and allowing it to have an influence over your life and how you feel about yourself.

Seven of Cups atop Two of Swords Rx – The waffling and indecision need to stop. It’s time to step up and be more decisive in those areas where you have been hanging back in uncertainty. You will feel much better if you stop hesitating and just choose.  In fact,  you will feel much better even when you make the wrong choice, rather than making no choice at all.

DECK USED: “THE TAROT” TAROT DECK’s #lucetinauroraMaartTarotChallenge Prompt
Prompt for March 2nd: The place where you read your cards.

Tarot Reading Table

I do readings a whole lot of different places from parks and cafes to friends homes, work places, laundromats, etc.  But, I can share the two places where I do the majority of my readings.

The first image (left) is my reading table at home.  What you see here is my reading table, spellcrafting workspace, and deck rack where I hold the decks that I’ve pulled to use for the month. The spellwork table is a solid table, but the reading table is actually a wooden tv tray with two square upside down serving trays stacked on top of it.  This allows me to have a large enough space for readings, even with large cards, and switch between the two grays for different wood grained surfaces in different sizes.

The second image (right) is the coffee table where I do readings usually at least once a week.  It’s located in a friend’s house that I consider to be my “home away from home”. In this picture, it’s in a different position than normal and usually sits with the couch over where the Christmas tree is in the pic.  When I read on this table, I use a reading cloth due to the reflective glass surface.

Daily Self Kindness

I just finished weeding out a total of fourteen campaigns from my pending list on KS.

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