Unexpected Mercy Moments

oday’s meditation was skipped.

Mystic Gnome Tarot - Queen of PentaclesToday’s draw is the Queen of Pentacles, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s finances, resources, home, health, manifestations, and the physical world. This often translates into a supportive or nurturing energy or entity in the areas of one’s health, home, and financial responsibilities.

Sugar Daddy.  Yeah, it’s a bit of a strange interpretation for the Queen of Pentacles, and yet… somehow, it fits.

This question asks what do the authority figures in your life allow you to get away with?  And why? Did you get pulled over and get by with only a warning instead of a ticket?  Do something at work that should have gotten you fired but it only earned you a talking to?  What is it you’ve managed to step away from unscathed due to the mercy of the authority figure you thought was going to skin you alive… but instead showed you a hint of humanity?

Take some time to consider these circumstances in your life and why they turned out as they did.  Did the experience help to humanize the authority figure in question?  Do you look at them differently now?  Is that a good thing?  Or is it just confusing?


Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot 2023 Year of Evolution Challenge Prompt
Questions for January 22nd

Druid Wisdom CardsWhat is left underutilized that could help me attract good things?

The Hermit’s Home and Ritual of Water – Clean your damned house or get a housekeeper in to do it. As much as you hate housework, putting it off just results in a situation that aggravates both you and your allergies.

How am I asked to utilize this dormant energy, strength, or skill?

Welsh Waters and Stone of Memories – See it as a self care exercise in grounding and centering your energies. Everything feels a little bit better when your environment is at its best.  It’s time to move back into that feeling instead of trying to ignore that it’s something you need.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2023 Challenge Prompt
Topic for January 22nd
: Do Spread 2
Question: What can I do at this time to work at heading off the encroaching depression?

Mysterium Cards and the Mystic Gnome TarotAwareness is key (Anchor card).

There is a color coordination between the darkness in the anchor card, and the cloak that the Five of Cups wears, as well as in the raging lion in the Strength card. This speaks of not allowing yourself to fall into the darkness by entertaining your natural pessimism. It has the ability to influence you if you let it.

There is also a color connection and a radiant lightness in the right hand side of the anchor card, which contains the windows and the book, and in the Seven of Wands. This indicates a need to lean into the light, and rely on what you have learned to keep you from falling into that dark pit. You’ve experienced the benefits of focusing on optimism firsthand, and now it’s time to use that experience to keep depression’s darkness at bay.


Daily Self Kindness

This is a catch-up post, and I can’t remember what my self kindness might have been on this day.

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