Giving Others a Leg Up

Daily Calm Quote from the Calm appToday’s meditation was ten minutes long and was one of the Daily Calm meditations from the Calm app.  It was a body scan from head to toe, focused on gratitude for what each body part does for you in your day to day life. The interesting part for me?  Was that they went from the heart and lungs… to the legs. They skipped entirely over the spine and digestive system… and I’m not entirely sure why. I added them into the meditation, though at the end, as I think they are just as important (if not always as well functioning in my own body) as the rest.

The Royal Court Tarot - Queen of SwordsToday’s draw is the Queen of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s mind, intellect, education, logic, ambitions, and communication. This often translates into themes that have to do with strong and supportive individuals that give spectacularly good advice based upon their own experiences and creative thought processes. They are willing to support your dreams, especially if those dreams involve learning new things, expanding your education, and broadening your horizons.

What draws my attention in this imagery is that the Queen seems quite reserved. That, and the black roses along the bottom right of the card that have the look of decay spreading through the vegetation that covers the lower half of the card. This speaks to me of the dangers of “holding one’s tongue” when you could be using it to help others.  Life is hard enough without making people struggle when they don’t have to. If you have advice that will be well received by others, especially advice based off personal experience? Share it. Holding back just allows struggles to thrive and problems to spread.

CrowSister’s #DeckStudyTenTrueWords Prompt
: Distill your reading of the card to your ten truest words.

Don’t hold back
knowledge earned
when sharing
can bolster others


Lionharts’ #TheJanuaryTarot 2023 Year of Evolution Challenge Prompt
Question for January 11th and 12th

Oracle of the Moon DeckWhat can I do today to {begin to} support my personal growth?

The Judge and The Rumor/The Book – Make sure you are doing your research and not either assuming things or taking other’s words as gospel. Do your own research and make up your own mind for yourself. It’s okay to hear what others have to say, just don’t let that be the only information you gather.

What has my past taught me that could help me right now?

Rot and The Anvil – Letting things weigh heavy on your shoulders and heart only leads to stagnancy and depression, which then quickly slips in to start eating away at your insides. Keep moving, even when you “aren’t feeling it” in the moment.


#DiscordTarotholicsJan2023 Challenge Prompt
Question for January 11th and 12th

The Royal Court Tarot - The Chariot, Ten of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Two of PentaclesPhilosophical Question: Is it truly possible for people to change?

The Chariot and Ten of Pentacles – Yes, but they have to actually want to change and be willing to put in the work. Creating true change in oneself is uncomfortable, and can be a miserable experience. You have to have the willpower and drive to not just want the change to happen, but to stick to it to not just manifest those changes within yourself, but also get those changes to stick and stay. Even then, sometimes it’s not enough to create permanence.

Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day – What “wild and fabulous” behavior can help you break out of your shell more often?

Two of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles atop Eight of Pentacles – Give yourself more balance in your life by allowing your development and progress to move at its own pace instead of pushing ever forward with impatience.

This doesn’t particularly sound “wild and crazy” until you consider that it goes entirely against your nature.


Daily Self Kindness

I took things a bit slow today in the order fulfillment part of today.  It made it all last a bit longer, but with a great deal less stress.  I also meditated today for the first time in… months.  I’m pretty sure it’s been months.

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