The Strength of Presence

Today’s meditation untimed, and was done out on the front steps of the new house, while soaking in the wonderful cool temps of the cement against my back and looking up at the fluff of clouds in the sky above as they wandered through my line of sight.

Anna K Tarot Indie Edition - Strength CardToday’s draw is the Strength card, which is traditionally a representation of inner strength, influence over others through persuasion, compassion, and courage.

Sometimes strength comes in the things you do for others.   The trip today is planning to be uneventful, but needed. It’s not safe for a 70+ year old woman with balance/stability issues to be putting up curtain rods and curtains by herself. By being there, she has no choice but to let us help, whether she wants to admit she needs it or not.


The Rainbow Moonscape #VennoxesTarotChallenge Prompt
Question for August 26th
: How should I celebrate my accomplishments?

Tarot of the Tattoo Age and Tarotbot BlackKeep a close watch on your addictions so that they do not get out of control and risk the security you find so comforting (the Devil atop Queen of Coins). This includes watching your spending (Four of Coins). Don’t part with what’s hard earned unless you absolutely need to (Seven of Swords Rx).

Seek out other ways to celebrate other than feeding your addictions.

Topic for August 27th: Do the Taking Charge Spread

What personal flaw can I work on?

Seven of Swords – “Stealing from Peter to pay Paul” was the phrase that came to mind when this card came out.

This isn’t so much about money as it is about how you spend your time, and not getting enough time in with the things that really matter because you’re too busy fussing and/or wasting time with the things that don’t.

What’s my next practical action?

Ten of Pentacles Rx – Right now everything is feeling out of whack, and rightly so because it is. You need to work on reestablishing balance and a good foundation on which that balance can rest upon.

How do I cope with change?

King of Cups atop The Moon – You cope with change by reaching out to Gideon when you are feeling uncertain or fears begin to arise. By consulting with your personal King of Cups, you’re able to find balance even through the uncertainty. He helps you stay on track during these times.


#DiscordTarotholicsAug2022 Challenge Prompt
Question for August 26th
: What do I need to focus on for self-care for this new moon?

Anna K Tarot Indie Edition - Seven of Swords, Two of Wands, Page of SwordsReading Summary: Watch out for thieving assholes (Seven of Swords) who’s action could change your plans (Two of Wands). You may have to learn on the fly how to fight against them, but you definitely don’t want them getting the upper hand (Page of Swords).

Notation: Lots of Seven of Swords in my card pulls today.

Take Away: Do what you can today to take away opportunity for people to fuck you over. Although you can’t predict every instance or method that might come about, you can deal with a lot of it and mitigate their effects on you and your life by being proactive.

This new moon is a good time to research security systems for the house.


Daily Self Kindness

I took breaks when I needed to, and made sure to take some ibuprofen with me (which I took instead of forgetting about) so that I could head off the incoming inflammation in my ribs, hip, and back.

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