Hit and Miss

Today’s meditation was skipped (yet again).

Tarot Chimera - Two of CupsToday’s draw is the Two of Cups, which is traditionally a representation of union, connection, partnerships, commonalities, and mutuality.

What I noticed most about the illustration on this card is that the female centaur doesn’t look at all impressed with her suitor.

The message here is that it’s okay to not connect with everyone, even with those you thought you might click with.

Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be… whether that “it” is a relationship, a friendship, or even some sort of acquaintance connection. It falls under that whole “You can’t please everyone all the time” adage.


Mr Lionhart’s #TheAugustTarot Be Here Now Prompt
Questions for August 25th thru 27th

Old School Tarot and The Stitcher's OracleIn what area am I guided to take a leap of faith under this New Moon?

You don’t always have to “measure twice, cut once” (Tape Measure). Remember that it’s okay to let enthusiasm carry you away now and then (Capricorn).

How can this New Moon help me move towards building more independence?

Stop allowing your emotions (Ace of Cups Rx) to cause you to overreact (Five of Cups). You can feel then without acting upon them (Knight of Wands Rx).

What should I be mindful of during this New Moon cycle?

Take care to lean more heavily into even-minded balance and fairness (Libra) until the quarter moon arrives (Half Moon Stitch).


The Rainbow Moonscape #VennoxesTarotChallenge Prompt
Questions for August 24th and 25th

Tarot ChimeraHow can I inspire hope in others?

King of Swords Rx and Nine of Pentacles Rx – Don’t be too bossy or take it upon yourself to decide what’s best for others. Sometimes people need to put in the work (and mistakes) for themselves, and it can be far better at these times to be there to help when they stumble rather than telling them how to navigate from the start.

What things do I take a little too personally?

Chimera and The Hermit Rx – When things are not as they seem, it’s not some nefarious plan to set you off balance or isolate you. Don’t allow it to give rise to your paranoia or set you off balance.


Daily Self Kindness

I soaked in an Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar bath today to help ease my rib pain and help treat some heat rash I’ve been dealing with.

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